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Images of Namibia - scenic routes | Живописные маршруты Намибии - фото

Images of Namibia - scenic routes in rainy season and at sunset

Scenic route 707 in rainy season, Namibia -

Sunsets in Namibia -

Rivers in Namibia -

Scenic route 707 Namibia -

Scenic routes Namibia -

Sunset in Luderitz Namibia -

Sunset scenic route Namibia -

Sunset in Luderitz Namibia -

Scenic routes Namibia -

Scenic route 707 Namibia -

Scenic route 707 Namibia -

Scenic route 707 Namibia -

Scenic route 707 Namibia -

Namibia's Strand Hotel opens in Swakopmund in September 2015 | Отель Странд Намибия

New Strand Hotel is being built on the same spot in Swakopmund where the old hotel stood for many years. The establishment of the hotel was not an easy feat, as the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group of Companies' Leisure Hotels and Lodges division faced an uphill battle from Swakopmund community members, who wanted to preserve the old German style of architecture which features so prominently in the coastal town of Swakopmund.

It was only after a few redesigns, additions and several meetings between Ohlthaver & List and Swakopmund residents that the final plans were accepted by the town council.

Located at Swakopmund Mole, Strand offers a view over the Atlantic Ocean and other tourism sites: the Jetty (opened in 1905), Swakopmund main town beach and the Swakopmund Lighthouse (erected to present height in 1910).

The hotel is also in walking distance from Swakopmund town centre and most tourist attractions, Promenade and Swakopmund Aquarium. Addressing construction workers, contractors, management and members of the media at the site, Sven Thieme, O&L executive chairman, said it is a dream come true for him.

"As we know, O&L has a purpose in creating a future for and enhancing the lives of all Namibians," he said.

The completion of the structure was celebrated with lunch for everyone involved in the project. Construction started at the beginning of 2014, and Johan Brink, director of Stefanutti Stocks building business unit who was tasked with building the structure, confirmed that it is now complete. Finishing touches to the hotel should take six to eight months.

Once completed, it will provide employment for at least 250 Swakopmunders. Strand Hotel will consist of 126 rooms, three restaurants, a small brewery and a number of other facilities to be expected at a four star hotel.

Impression of Strand Hotel Swakopmund, Namibia

Impression of Strand Hotel Swakopmund, Namibia

Impression of Strand Hotel Swakopmund, Namibia

Impression of Strand Hotel Swakopmund, Namibia

Impression of Strand Hotel Swakopmund, Namibia

Impression of Strand Hotel Swakopmund, Namibia

Monday, 27 October 2014

Wolwedans landscapes | Волведанс Намибия - фото

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Wolwedans landscapes Namibia -

Namibian resorts and lodges fully booked this year

The high growing demand in domestic tourism and leisure in Namibia is heading for a peak as the festive season approaches, with some resorts and lodges already fully booked.

Only a handful are still left with space to accommodate visitors, meaning this will hinder financially challenged people who’ll find few opportunities to travel as there’ll be no special offers for the festive season at most of the lodges, resorts and nature reserves.

“We are fully booked for the festive season, and we can no longer accommodate people any further. Therefore as a result we will not have any special offers especially with regard to booking price, because if we make special offers we will be overcrowded and we won’t have space anymore to cater for them and we don’t want to disappoint our customers,” said Reinhold Risser, the manager of Gocheganas.

However, the marketing and communication officer of Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR), Mufaro Nesongano, said they will have special offers and promotions for the festive season at all NWR resorts countrywide.

He reiterated that NWR is currently working on a special and promotional offer called “Namholiday” by which it aims to give guests the opportunity to make one payment, which will include transport and accommodation fees at any NWR resort for a period of a guest’s choice.
“This will be a bonus to some customers that already have Nam Leisure Card, which entitles any holder of the Nam Leisure Card to receive 50 percent discount at all NWR resorts,” said Nesongano.

He added that they look forward to getting more bookings as the Gross Barmen and Hardap Dam resorts scheduled to be opened in November, adding that there is still more space available to accommodate people.

Namibia: controversy over Swakopmund Waterfront development

Despite a numerous objections from residents and members of Council, Swakopmund Municipality has decided to sign an agreement with the developers of the Waterfront Development that will allow Safari Investments to integrate land reclaimed from the sea into Namibian land.
Swakopmund Waterfront Namibia

Namibia: bees sting man to death

In bizarre accident a man died after being stung by a swarm of bees at Farm Arbeidsgenot in the Khomas Hockland area.
In a press briefing yesterday, police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi said the man, Arrie van Wyk, was working on a dam site with a bulldozer when the bees attacked him.
Kanguatjivi said Van Wyk was rushed to Windhoek but died in an ambulance as he was being attended to by medical personnel.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Namibia: Condor will fly to Windhoek from November

Another budget airline is adding a new long-haul destination to its timetable. The first ever Condoe's flights to Windhoek will start on 10 November 2014 leaving Frankfurt twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays; flights from Windhoek to Frankfurt will also take off on Mondays and Thursdays, starting on 13 November.

In the 2015 summer timetable, the flights from Frankfurt to Windhoek and from Windhoek to Frankfurt are scheduled for Tuesdays and Saturdays.

"We will again be setting the trend in the 2014/15 winter season, and will be introducing our customers to the new and exciting destination of Namibia. Windhoek is the perfect tourist destination for the Condor flight program and enhances our service in the south of Africa," said Jens Boyd, Head of Long-Haul at Condor.

"With non-stop flights from Windhoek to Frankfurt, we can also offer the sizeable travelling community a convenient and hassle-free way to travel to Europe. Condor passengers can, for example, fly from Windhoek to Frankfurt and have the option of connecting flights to many German and European airports, which can easily be booked with Condor at the same time. Condor also offers inexpensive train tickets within Germany. Connecting flights to various global destinations for example the USA, Cuba and Asia can also be booked on Condor," said Boyd. Condor has been in operation since 1956. is entering Namibia, Africa's low fare airline, this week announced Namibia as the next step in its Pan Africa low-fare strategy. Namibia joins Zimbabwe in the airline family. With fares as little as N$799 for flights between Windhoek and Johannesburg, flyafrica says it will revolutionise travel and bring low fares to regional passengers.

According to their website, is scheduled to operate daily flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg from Monday, February 2, 2015. Sales via commenced from October 21, 2014, and travel agency sales will commence shortly after.

Namibia flyafrica is set to operate scheduled regional flights from Namibia to South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Windhoek to Johannesburg is the first route to be announced, with others to follow shortly. Namibia is the second airline launched by the group and is a joint venture between Nomad Aviation, a Namibia-based airline, and Flyafrica Ltd, a Mauritius-based private equity aviation investment group.

"Namibia flyafrica is a key part of our strategy to build airlines in Africa that will combine low fares with global standards of safety and quality," said Adrian Hamilton-Manns, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of "Namibia flyafrica is the newest member of the family and is part of our roll-out plan to introduce multiple airlines across Africa operating under the brand. We are proud of today's announcement and delighted that Nomad chose to partner with us in this exciting project."

Clifford Strydom, CEO of Nomad Aviation, said "Nomad is equally excited to be partnering with to introduce low fares to the Namibian market.

"Nomad has been operating a successful airline in Namibia since 1989, but we have always wanted to offer more to the travelling public. Our partnership with delivers what we have always wanted: low fares and exceptional service. Travellers to Namibia have paid too much for too long and the launch of Namibia flyafrica will change that." has committed to revolutionise air travel in Africa. As part of this commitment, the airline does not apply a fuel surcharge, which can more than double the cost of the fare. "Fuel surcharges are simply double charging by airlines to hide the true cost of travel. We will never apply a fuel surcharge," said Strydom.

With five Boeing 737s and the recent announcement of the second airline in the family, added that low fares are vital in developing trade and tourism in Africa and said the launch of Namibia flyafrica in partnership with Nomad Aviation is another step in liberalising travel and reducing high regional fares.

New multi-million mall opens in Windhoek, Namibia

The new Grove Mall, located in Kleine Kuppe area of Namibian capital, is development by Atterbury Property Holdings, jointly with JSE-listed Attacq Limited, and local Namibian partners, The Frontier Property Trust and Demushuwa Property Developer.

"The Mall of Namibia is the country's first regional shopping centre. With more than 120 retail stores, restaurants and service outlets 28 of which are new to Namibia the mall brings a never before seen shopping destination to the people of Namibia," says Cobus van Heerden of Atterbury Property.

"It's an incredibly exciting development for Atterbury and forms part of our African expansion and diversification. The mall's Hilltop Estate location is strategic as this is one of the fastest-growing nodes in Windhoek and enjoys convenient access to most suburbs in the Namibian capital," he adds.

The Grove Mall of Namibia is anchored by Woolworths, Checkers, Game, Spar and Dischem, and boasts a Ster Kinekor movie complex as part of its exciting entertainment offering. Other noted retailers and brands that form part of the top-notch tenant mix include Edgars, Truworths, Sportsmans Warehouse, First National Bank, Clicks, Toys R Us, Guess, Cotton On, Hilton Weiner, Jenny Button, Aca Joe, Poetry, Sissy Boy, Ackermans, Tekkie Town, Pep, Coricraft Wimpy, Wakkaberry, Happe.Me, Vida-e Caffe, News Cafe and Col'cacchio, amongst others.

"As can be seen from the unprecedented array of stores to open at the mall, shoppers are spoilt for choice with the latest fashion, electronics, accessories, furniture, food and entertainment outlets and more right on their doorstep. The Mall of Namibia offers locals a huge variety, plus the convenience of now not having to go beyond the country's borders to enjoy world class shopping," comments van Heerden.

"The mall's entertainment and leisure offering, anchored by a 6 screen Ster Kinekor cinema complex and an outdoor area, is going to be a major attraction and due to open in December, just in time for the holiday season. A number of restaurants offer alfresco dinning under the African sky and with great view of Windhoek," he adds.

The Grove Mall of Namibia was designed by leading architects Boogertman & Partners, together with Howard and Chamberlain. Its eye-catching design is influenced by Namibia's climate and environment, with dune-like lines and earthy colours and textures.

"It's sure to become a well-known landmark and destination in Namibia for local people and tourists alike. And, it is part of the bigger Hilltop Estate mixed-use nodal development, which will include A-grade offices, a hotel, health and fitness centre, a hospital, residential apartments and more," comments van Heerden.

"The citizens of Windhoek and Namibia were hugely excited and have been looking forward to the opening of the mall, especially ahead of the December holidays. This was not only illustrated by the thousands of people who came for opening day, but the more than 35,000 likes the mall's Facebook page received before it opened," he concludes.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Namibia: NAPHA distances from rhino hunter

Namibia Professional Hunting Association this week distanced itself from a professional hunter who was involved in a hunt during which a rhino cow was shot in the Mangetti National Park a year ago.

Professional hunter Peter Thormahlen is no longer a member of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA), after he resigned from the organisation in 2011 in the wake of a disciplinary investigation, the chief executive officer of Napha, Dietlinde Mueller, said in a statement on Monday.

Since his resignation from Napha, the organisation's disciplinary committee has received numerous complaints against Thormahlen, but the disciplinary committee cannot take any action against him, Mueller indicated.

She added that Napha "deplores the fact that time and again the image of trophy hunting is marred by reckless, irresponsible or immoral actions of a small minority of professional hunters".

Napha was reacting to a High Court case in which Thormalen's company, Thormalen & Cochran Safaris Namibia, sued the minister of environment and tourism as a result of the shooting of the rhino cow by an American client of the company. The case was settled out of court last week.

Thormalen & Cochran Safaris Namibia was asking the court to order the minister to take all necessary steps to give effect to a contract in terms of which a client of the company was given permission to hunt a black trophy rhino. In the alternative, the company wanted the minister to pay it N$3,2 million so that it could refund its American client, sandwich take-away chain owner Jimmy John Liautaud, and cover the expenses of the hunt Thormalen had arranged for Liautaud.

Thormalen & Cochran Safaris Namibia bought the right to hunt one black rhino bull from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for close to N$1,3 million in July last year.

However, the hunt that was subsequently arranged went horribly wrong when Liautaud, who had paid N$3 million to hunt the endangered animal, instead shot a black rhino cow in Mangetti National Park on 28 September last year. The cow was the only female black rhino in the park.

In documents filed with the High Court it was claimed that Liautaud shot the cow in a situation of sudden emergency when the animal charged at the hunting group, which was following the tracks of what was thought to be a rhino bull. The hunting group included two game wardens from the ministry, Thormalen, and a big game professional hunter. It was also claimed that the group had been informed that the rhino cow in the park kept to an area far to the east of the area where they were following tracks.

In a plea in response to the company's claim, the minister's lawyer stated that the terms of the contract between the ministry and the company were "substantially fulfilled" since the hunter who had paid to shoot a rhino bull in fact shot a rhino cow. The trophy of the shot animal is available for export as previously requested by the company, it was also stated on behalf of the minister.

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia - photos | Намибия - алмазный город-призрак Колманскоп


Kolmanskop (Afrikaans for Coleman's hill, German: Kolmannskuppe) is an abandoned used to be diamond mining town in the Namib Desert in southern Namibia, ten kilometres inland from small historical port town of Lüderitz. Named after a transport driver named Johnny Coleman, who, during a sand storm, abandoned his ox wagon on a small incline opposite the settlement.

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия

Kolmanskop ghost town Namibia | Колманскоп, Намибия
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Поставки мяса антилоп из Намибии в Россию

Россельхознадзор не исключил возможности поставок мяса африканских антилоп из ЮАР и Намибии. По словам представителя ведомства это не замена свинине и говядине а заполнение ниши деликатесов востребованных в ресторанах крупных городов России.

Botswana wants Internet connectivity across all hotels

Hotels, lodges, guest houses and camping sites in Botswana are being pressured to have internet connectivity by August 2015.

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) has challenged the country's hospitality industry to meet its set-out internet guidelines.

According to BOCRA, the guidelines provide a framework that govern provision of quality broadband internet in hospitality facilities.

The guidelines prescribe minimum bandwidth to be acquired by various facilities, network security and monitoring measures, maintenance and upgrading of networks, availability of information technology personnel and universal internet coverage in the facilities.

"BOCRA will closely monitor compliance to these guidelines to ensure that communication services are available at desirable standards in line with compliance and consumer protection requirements," said Aaron Nyelesi, BOCRA's spokesperson.

BOCRA has also recommended various bandwidth requirements for three star to five star facilities with rooms ranging from five to 250 and above.

Apart from prescribed minimum bandwidths, hospitality facilities are also expected to employ trained ICT personnel to help respond to guest inquiries and network faults.

BOCRA; though, says hospitality facilities may design pricing structures that would encourage usage of internet by guests.

Tourism is a key sector for Botswana as it contributed 3.2% to the country's gross domestic product (GDP) last year, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Gyrocopter accident in Windhoek Eros Airport, Namibia

A pilot and his dog close shaved with death this morning when the gyrocopter they were flying in dropped from the sky after an engine failure.

The pilot, Reinhard Hoppe, survived the crash in the Prosperita industrial area on the outskirts of Windhoek unharmed. Aircraft investigator Thomas Hipondoka Herman said the aircraft (number V5UMO) took off just before 07h00 from Eros Airport's runway 19 heading from north to south.

The pilot and his dog were supposed to fly to Ameib Ranch. Herman said that upon take off, Hoppe realised that his engine was not giving him enough power to fly and so he decided to turn back to Eros Airport as a precautionary measure. However, before he could reach the airport, the gyrocopter Rotax 912 UL lost power and fell from the sky.

The Eros Airport fire and emergency department was first on the scene after it received a call at 07h10. Namibia Airports Company spokesperson Dan Kamati said it is the Airport emergency department's responsibility to attend to all fires and emergency cases within a radius of 10 km around the airport.

Herman said investigations into the crash will continue.

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Top 10 Countries in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015

Namibia is ranked second on the list:

Republic of Congo
The Philippines
St Lucia

Namibia: Twyfelfontein - World Heritage Site

In the heat, dust and stunning landscapes of Damaraland,  Mowani Mountain Camp and Camp Kipwe are dwarfed by massive ochre boulders, and absorbed into the landscape.  Every soft curve or ragged edge frames the landscape in a different way, as if you are seeing for the first time, every time.

Game drives along ancient dry riverbeds reveal life that in its sparseness reminds us just how special it is.  Rare, desert dwelling elephants, springbok, gemsbok and jackal roam these plains, while their images are found etched in the rocks at Twyfelfontein, Namibia’s first World Heritage Site.

Visits to Twyfelfontein, with its wealth of ancient rock engravings, and the wonders of the Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain are within easy driving distance of Mowani Mountain Camp and Camp Kipwe. (+/- 2 hours in the afternoon).

Twyfelfontein is known for its rock engravings and paintings and associated Late Stone Age material culture dating between 6000 and 2000 years. The site has one of the known largest concentrations of engravings in Africa executed on flat and upright slabs. Over five thousand individual figures have been recorded to date.

Twyfelfontein rock engravings Namibia -

Twyfelfontein rock engravings Namibia -

Twyfelfontein rock engravings Namibia -

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Russian tycoon buys huge tract of land in Namibia

Despite Namibian Government making public statements against absentee foreign landlords it became known that Rashid Sardarov, a Russian businessman has bought several farms in Namibia totalling 28 000 ha with intention of setting up a game ranch and planning to buy more.
In addition, he plans to buy an extra 18 000 ha to bring the total to 46 000 ha of land near Namibian village of Dordabis in the Khomas Region which he will develop into a game ranch. This contradicts recent government sentiments of acquiring land from absentee landlords and stopping foreigners from buying land in Namibia.

The government has the right of first refusal when land is sold and it could not be established whether the State had been offered and rejected the land targeted by the Russian.

Sardarov, through his company Comsar Properties SA, has so far bought farms with a combined 28 000 ha and has applied to the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement to buy a further 18 000 ha.

A reasonable sized farm in Namibia would be around 5 000 to 7 000 ha but that also depends on the region in which it is situated. A farm with good carrying capacity in Omaheke Region, for example, can size around 3 000 per ha while in the south of Namibia, farms are generally bigger because of the low carrying capacity.

According to documents submitted as part of the Environment Impact Assessment study the intended Marula Game Ranch will be established on Farm Coas No. 501, 70 km south-east of Windhoek.

Sardarov is the chairman and founder of Comsar Energy Group and South-Ural Industrial Company (SUIC), both of which are large private companies in Russia, with presence in several countries in Eastern Europe.

The assets of the companies amount to US$2,2 billion, according to the SUIC website.

“The Marula Game Ranch is being developed as a unique game ranch and will be the only ranch situated in close proximity to a major urban centre (Windhoek),” Sardarov and Comsar stated in the documents.

Sardarov's plan is to buy the land in phases. He bought three farms measuring about 28 000 ha during 2012-2013, and intends to purchase the other four smaller farms measuring 18 000 ha this year once the approval from the Minister of Lands and Resettlement has been obtained.

Documents show that there are currently over 7 000 game of different species on the ranch, which were purchased at around N$72 million.

“Sardarov has a passion and love for nature and wildlife, particularly the pristine ecosystem of Namibia,” the documents said.

The proposed ranch will have a lodge comprising the main building and a few free standing guest units. The main lodge will consist of four guest bedrooms and other facilities.

The documents listed local company, Popa Group (Pty) Ltd as an interested party in the project. Various parties of the project declined any comments..

The government has prioritized farms owned by foreign absentee landlords for the resettlement of landless Namibians.

Namibian rhinos - photos | Фото носорогов - Намибия

Rhinos & travel to Namibia -

Rhinos & travel to Namibia -

Rhinos & travel to Namibia -

Rhinos & travel to Namibia -

Rhinos & travel to Namibia -

Rhinos & travel to Namibia -