Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Namibia, Windhoek: beware of unprofessional hysterical handyman!

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Namibia, Windhoek: beware of unprofessional hysterical handyman on prowl in town!

Rene, cell number 0816 827611, is highly unprofessional "handyman", unable to do a simple job of doors installment. Tried to hire him but he dropped job midway and left our premises in total hysterics. Beware and never hire him, your goods are going to be damaged. Besides he is in dare need of some sedatives.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Garage sale in Windhoek, Namibia

Garage sale in Windhoek, 116 Eros Road, Eros Park. Saturday, 04 March 2017: 09:00.

Items for sale, follow links for prices (negotiable, make your offer) and photos:

Household, electronics, collectibles, DVDs, books, frames: https://goo.gl/nSL0Wo
Furniture, paintings, framed photos: https://goo.gl/SvUDZA
Sports equipment: https://goo.gl/gIUA9t
Plants: https://goo.gl/0LzatX
Books: https://goo.gl/jlAfVW
PlayStation 3 games for sale: https://goo.gl/ymLgG1
DJI Phantom 3 Pro: https://goo.gl/Fw4s5b
VAIO VGN-P39VRL laptop: https://goo.gl/zZ4jAz
XP Deus 28-RC Metal Detector with 11" Search Coil + Remote Control:


Large items' viewing must be booked in advance only. Whatsup 0816374239.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Botswana: floods: Moremi Game Reserve

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Dear Sir/Madam.                                                                      


This communiqué serves to address the above mentioned subject. Our office would like to inform you that since recent rains Moremi Game Reserve have been experiencing floods. This had left most of our routes not accessible notably South Gate-3rd Bridge, South Gate –North Gate, Xakanaxa – Khwai, Xakanaxa- 3rd Bridge (3rd bridge is not in use).

Places like Black pools, Hippo Pools, Paradise Pools, Dead Tree Island, Khwai lagoon and Xini lagoon is not accessible at the moment. In essence, of all our main routes where game drives are carried out are NOT accessible. We are therefore pleading we you as our stakeholders to advise your clients accordingly to avoid serious repercussions for example clients spending nights under undesirable conditions because their vehicles have been stacked hence more complain from our clients. As a matter of fact, the matter have been handed to upper office to make same introspection over it and any development that might surface would be communicated to you in due cause.

We are very pleased with your profound and robust cooperation hence our advance appreciation.

Mr. M.S Mokara/for Park Manager (Moremi Game Reserve)

Cc: Park Manager Moremi
Regional Wildlife Office
Sector Heads (Moremi)
Parks Liaison Office (Maun)

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Bushtracks Zambia: new lion and rhino safari in Livingstone

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Lion and Rhino Safari

Lions once ruled from the southern tip of Africa all the way to North-western India. We now run the risk of wild lions becoming extint by 2020.

A world without this symbol of strength and power that has been intertwined in human history and culture since the dawn of mankind.

A savannah ecosystem without this key stone species cannot survive in their absence.

What implications would this have on an economy that thrives on tourism. Where would it be without the Lion to draw such a captive market?

We need Lions, and at present we have less than 20,000 of them left on the planet. It is time for a human intervention. We have created the problem and now it is up to us to solve this crisis.

Our effort to save these iconic animals requires time and resources. This is why Bushtracks Africa, in conjunction with Wildlife Encounter, have created a safari package tailored around a conservation effort to reintroduce prides of Lions into the wild. Join us on one of our safaris and you will be contributing to the continued survival of Africa's Lions.

Wildlife Encounter is an active conservation program that is dedicated to ensuring a secure future for this magnificent species. It is also Africa's first program to ethically introduce the offspring of captive-bred African lions into the wild.

Wildlife Encounter is partnered with ALERT, the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust, a conservation and community NGO that is dedicated to the future of Africa’s wildlife and people.


Wildlife encounter operates on the Zambian side of the majestic Victoria Falls, within the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and Dambwa forest in Zambia.

Guests will be collected from their respective lodgings or pick-up points and transported the short distance to the Dambwa Conservancy.

Within a specially created 707 acre reserve live a pride of 12 lions. The 6 adults were captive raised, but the 6 cubs were born in the release site and have had no human contact. It is these cubs, when old enough, that will be released into the wild to help address the 80-90% decline in African lions that this Continent has experienced since 1975. The release programme is operated in partnership with the African Lion & Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) whose goal is to ensure viable populations remain a part of Africa through an integrated conservation and community effort or; "responsible development". This approach ensures that the rural communities surrounding the Conservancy benefit from the lions’ presence and are therefore proud to host this amazing species.

During your visit, our experienced guides will introduce you to the pride's members, give you information about the release programme and our broader efforts in lion conservation, as well as the work we are undertaking with our communities. You will also join ALERT’s research team who are studying the behaviour of these lions in great detail. From this you will gain a fascinating understanding of the inner workings of a lion pride.

We will stop off at our Forest Boma for breakfast (morning) or snacks (afternoon), where you can also see the tree nursery – part of our forest regeneration project. Merchandise and locally produced crafts are available to purchase in support of the local communities.


Continuing on a drive through the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park will ensure visitors have a rare opportunity to leave the vehicle behind for a short walk under the guidance of professionally trained rangers to see the White Rhino - close up.

Here visitors will be given a talk on the history of this species in the Park, the threats to the species, the protection they require, and the conservation strategies to ensure this species’ remains a permanent presence within this area.

Minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 18 people for each session.


AM Drive
7:00: Pick-up from Livingstone and drive up the Lusaka road to the Dambwa forest.
7:45: Enter the stage 2 release site from the east gate
9:00: Depart the release site through the main gate and continue on to the lion feed
9:20: Breakfast
9:45: Drive to the park along dirt road/Alternatively return to Livingstone if on a Lion drive only.
10:10: Rhino walk with rangers
10:30: Game drive along the Zambezi River
11:30-12:00: Livingstone

PM Drive
14:00: Pick-up from Livingstone and game drive along the Zambezi River
15:00: Rhino walk with Rangers
15:30: Drive to Dambwa local forest along dirt road
16:00: Lion Feed
16:30: Enter the Stage 2 release site through the main gate
17:45: Depart the release site through the east gate and drive along the Lusaka road.
18:30: Livingstone

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Beware - South African cheater Ineke Sinclair!

Beware - South African cheater Ineke Sinclair!

#CheaterInekeSinclair #CrookInekeSinclair #CheatingInNamibia #PettyCrookInekeSinclair

Introducing a low scale crook: Ineke Sinclair from South Africa. She lied about paying for services and received refund she was not supposed to get. Sinclair specialises in small amounts, in this case 300 N$. Beware and avoid any trusting/dealing with her.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bushtracks news: Kenya Airways' flights to Victoria Falls

#KenyaAirways #Victoria Falls #Zimbabwe

Kenya Airways to launch direct flights to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe,
on 18th May 2017.

Kenya Airways will start a direct flight between Nairobi and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on 18th May, 2017. The new route between Nairobi and Victoria Falls will operate three times a week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The Victoria Falls operation will be linked to Cape Town, South Africa.

This will see the airline increase its operations to Cape Town from the current four, which are served via Livingstone, Zambia.
The official announcement from Kenya Airlines states "The flight will depart in Nairobi at 7.20am, arriving in Victoria Falls at 9.30am, departing Victoria Falls 10.20am to arrive in Cape Town at 1.25pm. The return flight will take off from Cape Town International Airport at 2.15pm, arrive Victoria Falls at 5.10pm and depart Victoria Falls at 6pm and touchdown Nairobi 10pm."
“We have seen increased demand for Cape Town, and had to increase our frequency in December. The route via Victoria Falls offers our guests two leisure holiday options.”
Kenya Airways will be the only carrier offering direct services between Victoria Falls and Cape Town. This offering will see guests enjoying Victoria Falls from the Zambia side via Livingstone and Zimbabwe side via Victoria Falls. The route will be operated by Embraer E190 with a configuration of 12 business class seats and 84 economy class seats.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Namibia: Sossus Dune Lodge Excavation Work | Соссус Лодж Намибия

Notice: Sossus Dune Lodge Excavation Work

Windhoek, 1 February 2017 – Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) would like to inform you that we have begun drilling (breaking of rocks) and digging out sand and rocks with heavy machinery at Sossus Dune Lodge (SDL). The aim of the project is to construct a new sewer reticulation network and sewer treatment plant. 

Be warned that:

1. If prevailing winds are experienced at SDL, we expect to have a dusty situation.

2. There will be noise because of the drilling, excavation and truck movements.

3. The movement of heavy machinery might be an eyesore to guests.

The duration of the excavation works may take 2 months or longer as it depends on the hardness of the rocks.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Under One Botswana Sky: new camp Rra Dinare

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Under One Botswana Sky announces June opening for new camp Rra Dinare
- Setswana for Father of many Buffalo - 

Under One Botswana Sky's new private concession is frequented by lion, wild dog and is a favoured area for tenacious old buffalo “dagga” boys and bachelor buffalo herds which often make for exciting predator interaction. Known for its rich and diverse wildlife, the area borders the world-renowned Moremi Game Reserve on the south eastern side of the Okavango Delta.
Two new tented camps will be set in this exclusive and game-rich area of 27,700 hectares (67,000 acres)  of mixed habitat comprising the Gomoti River and its channels, lush riverine forests, scenic big open flood plains interspersed with clusters of palm-treed islands and Acacia and Mopane woodlands. The two camp locations and views are spectacular, especially with the classic flooding of the Okavango across the seasonal floodplains.
The first camp, Rra Dinare (Setswana for Father of many Buffalo), opening in June, will be a classic 8-tented camp overlooking the Gomoti River floodplains. The second camp is due to open in August/September and will be a 9-tented camp set on the banks of the Gomoti River. Both camps will have swimming pools, curio shops and family tents. A feature of the incredibly spacious tents is the private lounge area with a secluded veranda. The tent size is 60 square metres excluding outdoor veranda (varying in size but approx. 15 - 25 square metres). Both camps will be common-rated with Pom Pom Camp.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Namibia: new Spitzkoppe Lodge | Шпицкоппе Лодж Намибия

#ШпицкоппеЛоджНамибия #SpitzkoppeLodge #Usakos #Swakopmund

Spitzkoppe Lodge - new establishment in Namibia
The lodge consists of 15 individual chalets positioned and nestled on the north western side of spectacular Spitzkoppe granite inselbergs rising from the proto-Namib plains with an eastern view.

Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia
The main complex with lounge and dining facilities have a north western view onto the Brandberg.
Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia
The development and operations are integrated with nature and the environmental impact of the infrastructure and activities reduced to lowest possible levels.
Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia
Limited use of concrete with elevated floors and decks and composite materials for walls which can be dismantled easily will enable nature to restore itself in just a few months after deconstruction. Sensitivity towards wildlife and heritage is paramount in all we do.
Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia
Each of the spacious Chalets with en-suite bathrooms has a private veranda which connects the guest with the vast stretches of untouched sand and boulders beyond.
Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia
The stretched roofs reflect the ambience of a tented camp and will compliment the rounded and pitched formation of the granite mountain.                               
There is one “family unit” which consists of two chalets positioned in close proximity of each other.

Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia
The main complex: a lounge, dining area and bar, which leads to a sundowner deck overlooking a small swimming pool.
Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia

Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia
Spitzkoppe Lodge is benefitting the people living in the #Gaingu Conservancy, as they earn a substantial amount of the gross turnover paid on a quarterly basis.
Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia

Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia
There is a drive to become a highly sustainable and responsible tourism facility in a desert environment.                               
The development and maintenance cost herefore determine the accommodation rate, which is kept as low as possible and within reach of the current tourism market.

Spitzkoppe Lodge Namibia

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