Monday, 5 December 2016

Victoria Falls: dinner on Bushtracks Express Steam Safari

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Bushtracks Africa is happy to announce that our Bushtracks Express Steam Safari, that currently runs to the Victoria Falls Bridge on a two hour experience offering drinks and canapés, will now become a four hour dining experience, combining the famous
Victoria Falls Bridge run with dinner at Jafuta Siding.

We will commence the dinner service on our scheduled run day, Tuesday 31st January 2017.
Currently the train will be able to cater for 44 guests, seated for dinner.  This will increase in the future.

The experience will include a four course gourmet dinner, prepared by the talented chefs of Victoria Falls Hotel. Drinks will be included in the ticket price, with the exception of spirits and champagne.

Summer: 17:30 - 22:00
Winter: 17:00 - 21:30

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Namibia: shocking uncut video of last flight before crash - DJI | Катастрофа в Намибии, ужасное видео

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#КатастрофаВНамибии #ужасноевидеотрагедии

Shocking accident in the middle of African savanna in Namibia. Epic tale of drone rescue in the middle of bush plains. Unforgettable adventure and dangerous mission in the middle of the heat of the oldest desert on Earth. Leopard hiding and remains of dead pilots of the past. Terrible discovery and happy end. Watch it or lose it!
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Namibia: Camp Chobe renovations | Кемп Чобе Намибия

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Camp Chobe renovations - 15 January - 15 February 2017

Public announcement: Camp Chobe’s highly anticipated renovation will commence on 15th of January and end on 15th of February 2017.

During the renovation period, we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause and offer our sincere thanks for your patience and support.

Camp Chobe - safari establishment 3 km north east of Ngoma border post in Namibia.
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Zambia: Miavana update


Nosy Ankao - an update

Official Opening

We have scheduled our official opening and full guest reveal for mid April 2017.

We will be releasing professional photos in the new year and are very excited to share Miavana with you soon.


Lemur walks
Scuba diving
Turtle watching
Forest walks (night walks)
Wild 'Sleepout'
Mountain Picnics
Helicopter adventures
In Villa spa

Years of effort and thousands of hours of dreaming have gone into the creation of Miavana.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Zambia: Chongwe Safaris Kasaka River Lodge | Чонгве Сафари Касака Лодж

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Kasaka River Lodge - Lower Zambezi

Kasaka River Lodge came into the Chongwe Safaris fold in 2010. Ably managed by Mwaka and Dotti and offering our signature friendly service and great guiding, Kasaka was a popular camp for those looking for great value with all the activities the Lower Zambezi is famous for.

As this season comes to an end, so too does a chapter in the Chongwe-Kasaka story, with the decision to close old Kasaka’s doors to the public. Our Kasaka offering will be assumed by our other Chongwe Camps in anticipation of redeveloping the beautiful Kasaka site with its vista over the Zambezi. After our last guests leave in January 2017 we will begin the development and will share more of our plans in due course.

For now, we are looking forward to a busy Christmas and New Year period and would love to welcome your guests to share in our final waltz of the old Kasaka.

We are offering any stay between now and closing the rate of $315 per person per night + Park Fees on a full board and activity basis.

The Kasaka team thanks you for your support and looks forward to hosting you for a world class safari experience at Chongwe Camp for the 2017 season.

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Zambia: Proflight's new scheduled flights

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Liuwa Plain

Proflight Zambia have just announced that they will be adding the route LUSAKA – KALABO to their scheduled flights in 2017. This ensures easy connection between all 3 of our Zambian destinations.

Kalabo can be booked on the same international ticket with Emirates, SAA, Ethiopian, Kenyan Airways and RwandaAir through the GDS.  Remember if you do this, you'll get the best fare and your guests will be looked after or fast tracked in the event of delays.

This is fabulous news for Norman Carr Safaris’ operations in Liuwa Plain National Park; Kalabo is the Airstrip we use for guests and the flights will run to coincide with our NEW camp opening in April.

°    Group fare on request
°    Proflight will use a Caravan for this flight
°    Max capacity is 8 passengers each way
°    Possibility of a drop off or pick up at Chunga in Kafue

Flights will run as per schedule below and are bookable NOW:

Wed and Sat – Lusaka to Kalabo   0815 / 1045
Wed and Sat – Kalabo to Lusaka   1105 / 1335

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Botswana: requirements when travelling with minors

Requirements when travelling to Botswana with minors

The below information is extremely important for all families travelling to and from Botswana.

The Botswana Government has introduced similar requirements for children travelling in and out of the country as previously implemented by South Africa. Please ensure that all families travelling are fully aware of this at the time of booking so that they do not have any difficulties while travelling into Footsteps in Africa loves children the country.

As of the 1st October 2016 ALL minors travelling through any of the countries border posts are required to produce the following:
-    Valid passport
-    Certified copies of unabridged birth certificate
-    In the event that one parent is not present, the missing parent’s affidavit consenting to such travel.
However, an affidavit will not be required if the fathers name does not appear on the child’s birth certificate.

The statement released by the Botswana Government:


The Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs informs the general public that it has imposed requirements for minors (children under 18) travelling through the country’s ports of entry. Effective from the 1st October 2016 minors travelling through the country’s borders will be required to produce certified copies of unabridged birth certificates in addition to their valid passports. In the event that one parent is not travelling with the child, the other parent’s affidavit consenting to such travel should be availed. However, an affidavit will not be required if the father’s name does not appear on the child’s birth certificate. The development, which is aimed at managing the movement of children across the country’s borders, has an ultimate goal of tackling human trafficking which is a global challenge. Botswana, like other countries is affected by this problem and as such has enacted the
United Nations Anti-Human Trafficking Protocol; which calls upon governments to come up with deliberate measures aimed at combating human trafficking.

For more information contact the Director of Immigration and Citizenship at
+267 3611301 / +267 71327608

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

South Africa: warning to Garden Route backpackers establishments

Warning Do not Reserve rooms or allow onto your property

(They travel with a couple called Terese and Carl)

Good day all

Please forward this email to all the other backpackers along the Garden Route.

Monzir and Ahmed volunteered at 33 South Backpackers for approximately 6 weeks and mentioned that they worked at Wilderness Backpackers (However we have come to discover that they worked at Wilderness Beach House Backpackers) and Long Street backpackers when they arrived. They did not however mention the terms on which they left Wilderness Beach House and it has only been made knowledge to us that they did not leave on good terms such as they did not leave on good terms on our side.

They left in somewhat of a rush a day ago and we are starting to discover that a number of items have gone missing. As we were handling that and taking stock of all that is now gone, we were called by Wilderness Backpackers this morning outlining that they arrived there last night and mentioned that they are volunteers from 33 South, which is false. They are not our volunteers anymore and as such they are using our name falsely and should pay for their own accommodation.

These two seemed like good people when they arrived and we welcomed them with warm arms and made them part of the family but their true nature started unraveling. They are not team players and are arrogant and entitled.

If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Natasha. Please forward this email to the other Garden Route backpackers.

Warm regards

Fairy knowe Backpackers

Nedbank Namibia and manager Janine Camm: overwhelmingly incompetent service

#NedbankNamibia #NedbankEqualsIncompetence #JanineCamm

Nedbank's service was never anything near to satisfactory. It hit new lows recently. Manager Janine Camm totally ignores requests for assistance sent to her, two and three weeks ago. No reaction was received from her whatsoever. Other recipients have been passing ball around asking each other to respond with no tangible results showing level of incompetence at Nedbank Namibia.

Namibia: Rhino poaching levels are on sharp rise | Носороги Намибия

#RhinoPoachingNamibia #EtoshaNamibia #RomeoMuyunda #НосорогиНамибия

Rhino poaching levels are on sharp rise in Namibia

WINDHOEK Namibia (Xinhua) -- Unprecedented levels of poaching were recorded this month in Namibia as seven poached rhino carcasses were discovered in Etosha National park, bringing the number of rhinos poached this year to 47.

The Ministry of Environment and tourism announced the figure on Wednesday. The latest figure means the improvement the country saw last year is short-lived, when 8 rhinos were poached in 2015, down from 24 in 2014.

In the north-eastern region of Namibia, 91 elephants were poached in 2015 compared to 78 in 2014. It is reported to date that 69 elephants have been poached in 2016 mainly in the Zambezi and the Kavango regions.

The Government of Namibia has been very proactive and has aggressively tackled poaching through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. However, the current situation indicates more needs to be done.

According to Romeo Muyunda, Chief Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, wildlife trafficking is becoming a million dollar criminal enterprise that has expanded to more than just conservation concern.

He added that the involvement of organized crime in poaching and wildlife trafficking promotes corruption, threatens peace and destabilizes economies and communities that depend on wildlife for their livelihoods.

Earlier this year the Minister of Environment and Tourism launched the Game Utilization Policy in Protected Areas and on State land. This policy was launched to promote management of natural resources for the enhancement of ecosystem conservation and socio-economic development.

It is further expected to create improved communication skills and enhance mutual understanding between park management authorities, neighbors and resident communities, to meet the country’s national and international commitments to biodiversity conservation, while taking into account the rights and development needs of the people.

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