Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Namibia: fire damage at Khorixas Rest Camp | Пожар в Кхорихас Кемп Намибия


Fire damage at NWR’s Khorixas Rest Camp

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) Khorixas Camp experienced some fire damage on 25 September 2016 after all the guests had safely finished their dinner and had left for bedtime.

Khorixas Camp Namibia

The fire which damaged the restaurant, dinning hall and Manager's office was fortunately brought under control by the fire brigade who reacted promptly.

Khorixas Camp Namibia
“We are pleased to report that none of our guests were harmed during the fire. As we stand, we are analyzing the extent of the damage. We are working hard to find alternatives for the many patrons currently booked there so as to not cause them any inconvenience during this period,” says Mr. Matthias Ngwangwama, NWR’s Chief Financial Officer and Acting Managing Director.

Khorixas Camp Namibia
Khorixas camp is situated outside the town and is the ideal stopover between Etosha National Park, the Kunene region and Skeleton Coast Park.
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Monday, 26 September 2016

Namibia: Mazambala Safari Lodge has burned down | Пожар в Мазамбала Лодж в Намибии


Message from Mazambala

We had a tragic situation at Mazambala Island Lodge 15th September 2016 Thursdays, the whole Lodge burned down – there is no more Mazambala Island Lodge. Thursday, around 10h00 in the morning there was a field fire that erupted in close approximate of the Lodge. Whiles fighting the fire, one of the thatch rooms of the Lodge caught fire and the rest was a sad dusty view of the place that once looked very beautiful.

Mazambala Safari Lodge Namibia burned down

The Lodge has completely burned down however the camp site is still up and running, the Camp site has not been effected by the fire and no damage is done to the Camp site.

Mazambala Safari Lodge Namibia burned down

The bungalows had thatched roofs, which made it easier for the fire to spread quickly. Fortunately, 25 tourists had checked out the morning before the fire swept through the lodge. About 33 others who were expected to arrive Thursday had not come when the lodge burnt down.
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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Namibia: Namibia’s Desert Lions - Wilderness Safaris update | Убийство льва пустыни в Намибии


A Human-Wildlife Tragedy – Namibia’s Desert Lions

Today, just three days after celebrating World Lion Day on 10 August, we mourn the lives of three desert-adapted lions killed this week after being poisoned in a Namibian human-wildlife conflict incident. The Five Musketeers captured the hearts of people from all corners of our planet – their story is one of survival, triumph, hardship and tragedy.

It was with gut-wrenching disbelief and sadness that we received the news on Wednesday that three of the four (originally five) Musketeers, the famous desert-adapted lions of the Namib Desert, had been poisoned by pastoralists and that their bodies and satellite collars had been burnt. Now just one lion from this cohort remains – Tullamore (XPL-93).

Desert lions Namibia

This news came at the very time the lions were about to be translocated from the Tomakas settlement to the Uniab Delta (an area that would be safer) as a last-resort effort to solve the on-going human-lion conflict with these villagers. The Uniab Delta was ear-marked as the safest territorial option by Dr Philip Stander, the conservationist who has dedicated 25 years to researching Namibia’s desert-adapted lions and who has made it his life’s mission to protect these desert survivors.

The fifth Musketeer, known as Harry (XPL-89), met his fate earlier this year when the lions came into perilously close contact with settlers at a temporary cattle post (12 km west of Tomakas). Harry died of a bullet wound to his chest.

Human-lion conflict is obviously a big challenge in this area and a situation that Chris Roche, Wilderness Safaris Chief Marketing Officer, elaborates on below:

“One of the challenges for Namibia’s population of some two million people (and the reason it is this low in the first place) is that, except for small portion of the extreme north east of the country, Namibia effectively straddles two deserts – the Namib and the Kalahari. As a result, carrying capacity for livestock as well as agricultural productivity is very low. This is most marked in the north-western parts of the Kunene Province – the areas of Damaraland and Kaokoveld that these desert-adapted lions roam.

Desert lions Namibia
Rainfall here varies with annual averages from maybe 25 mm to certainly less than 100 mm. People and livestock are able to exist at the eastern edge of this continuum where rainfall is highest. Wildlife ekes out an existence on the western part of the continuum. Add to that the current drought conditions being experienced in this part of the country and access to the few remaining watering or grazing resources bring these two worlds into conflict. Where lion prides use predictable ranges they are able to avoid this conflict. It is the wide-ranging lions on the edge (and dispersing males such as the Musketeers fall squarely into this category) that are vulnerable to the conflict. This is what is referred to as an ‘edge effect’ and is the primary threat to the survival of large mammal species (and particularly predators), not just in Africa but across the world. The cause of the edge effect of course is the growth in human population and incursion into previously wild territory.”

The question on everybody’s lips now is of course, ‘What will happen to the remaining lion?’ Dr Stander has reported that XPl-93, also known as Tullamore, has been moved from Tomakas to the mouth of the Uniab River. He is now recovering from his sedation and has been feeding on an oryx carcass. This morning he was reported to be fully recovered and has started exploring his new territory. Naturally his movements will be monitored closely.

Chris continues, “Hoanib Camp is operated on a lease and revenue share basis from the three community conservancies surrounding that area. Employment is also community-centric (together with skills training and the like). The resident people are in fact well-disposed to lions since they see the benefits of a tourism partnership. When drought causes people from outside to move into new areas with their livestock this balance and harmony is vulnerable to upset and this is what tragically happened in this case.

What can we do to change this situation around? Essentially continue to do what we have been doing in this area, together with partners such as Dr Philip Stander and the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife and the NGO Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation, and hope that the success of camps like Hoanib and documentaries like Vanishing Kings (and a planned sequel that tells the conclusion of this tragic story) can attract others to our cause until we achieve a sea change in attitudes and a revolution in rural economies.”

Desert lions Namibia
What else is being done?

The H.E.L.P project

H.E.L.P (Human Elephant Lion Project) is a new programme that is a co-operative venture between the Desert Lion Conservation Foundation, the Desert Lion Trust, the Desert Elephant Project, the IRDNC and the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The project aims to secure donations and funds to create pro-active management and action for desert-adapted elephant and lion. The programme, with enough funds, will be launched in early November 2016. Will and Liane Steenkamp, filmmakers of Vanishing Kings, have already donated a year’s salary, satellite phone and basic camping gear for the first lion guardian in the area and together with the Desert Lion Trust and TOSCO are actively assisting local farmers to avoid more conflict.

Why do we believe in desert-adapted lion conservation?

    The range of the desert-adapted lion, and its population in the Kaokoveld and Skeleton Coast has grown dramatically over the past 15 years
    Community attitudes continue to change and despite continued conflict, lion mortalities are declining
    The success of our own camp in the area is attracting others and these will continue to bring benefits to Namibia’s remote, rural communities
    We have built a research centre and secondary home base for the Desert Lion Project at Hoanib Camp and supported the making of a documentary that has brought the plight of this population to the world’s attention

What about the other lions of the Namib?

The Floodplain lionesses, also seen around Hoanib Camp, recently brought three healthy cubs into the world. Camp manager Clement Lawrence has shared his photographs in an album on our blog.

Guests at Desert Rhino, Damaraland and Doro Nawas Camp, as well as those on our mobile Explorations safaris across the region, regularly share their amazing sightings of the lions.

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Zambia: AVANI Victoria Falls Resort presentation | Авани Виктория Фоллз Ливингстон Замбия


AVANI Victoria Falls Resort
15 km at 17 minutes to/ from Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport. - Livingstone, Zambia

Zambia: AVANI Victoria Falls Resort presentation | Авани Виктория Фоллз Ливингстон Замбия

Zambia’s warmth and hospitality shines through in this family-orientated 3-star hotel, a sister hotel to The Royal Livingstone Hotel. From its colourful décor to its unpretentious and welcoming style, the AVANI Victoria Falls Resort is as vibrant as the people themselves. Opened in 2001, the hotel has established itself as a high value getaway for families as well as a top conference destination – all within a five-minute walk of the Victoria Falls.

Zambia: AVANI Victoria Falls Resort presentation | Авани Виктория Фоллз Ливингстон Замбия
Double room
AVANI Victoria Falls Resort offers affordable luxury underpinned by the Zambian people’s strong family-orientated culture. And the countless adrenalin activities in the area make this a prime destination for the young at heart.

Zambia: AVANI Victoria Falls Resort presentation | Авани Виктория Фоллз Ливингстон Замбия
Lobby area
Accommodation at AVANI Victoria Falls Resort:

202 en-suite guest rooms.
Paraplegic Room.
Standard Queen Room.
Standard Suite.
Family Room.
Standard Twin Room

Zambia: AVANI Victoria Falls Resort presentation | Авани Виктория Фоллз Ливингстон Замбия
Lobby area
Child Policy:

Children of all ages are welcome.

Access Details:

Road transfers from the following airports: Livingstone Airport, Victoria Falls Airport and Kasane Airport.

Conference Details:

Lozi Meeting Space - This space fits up to 25 people standing or 20 seated

Luangwa Boardroom - Make important decisions in this boardroom style space. Hosts up to 10 people

Tonga and Lozi - Combine these flexible interconnected spaces that hold between 20 to 50 people.

Tonga Meeting Space - Can host between 10 to 20 people

Falls Convention Centre - This large-scale location offers flexible spaces for 250 to 450 people making it perfect for large events, weddings, or conferences

Standard conference equipment: Projector screens, Pointer torches, Public address system, ISDN data lines, DVD, Pens and paper, Flip charts.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Namibia: water shortage in the north | Засуха в северной Намибии


As of today a huge portion of northern Namibia will be faced with water shortage, Namwater has informed stakeholders.
In a statement sent to regional governors and local authorities, the following towns and surrounding areas will be affected by severe water crisis. These are Ongwediva, Oshakati, Ondangwa, Helao Nafindi, Omuthiya and Eenhana.
NamWater Marketing and Corporate Communications head, Johannes Shigwedha said this has been caused by "insufficient raw materials to Oshakati treatment plant and will affect the normal flow".
"Our water pumps at Calueque Dam inside Angola experienced power failure, resulting less water being pumped into the Canal."
Although NamWater has resumed pumping into the Canal, it will eventually take a few days before normal supply is restored.
To ensure that there is some amount of water available, water will be rationed every day from 22H00 in the evening to 04H00 in the morning from today until the 29th of August.
The move spells a curse on Namibia's biggest investment and trade exhibition, the Ongwediva Trade Fair which kicks off on August 26 till September 3 and is expected to attract over 30 000 visitors into the town.

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Namibia: Elephants hamper construction at Nambwa Tented Lodge | Намбва Лодж Намибия


Elephants hamper construction at Nambwa Tented Lodge

Exciting further construction at Nambwa Tented Lodge has been constantly hampered by the herds of elephant who are drawn to the last of the Camelthorn pods scattered around the building site.
Anybody who has ever been brave enough to start a safari lodge will know that building in the bush comes with its own set of unique, and frankly, quite bizarre challenges. As if it wasn’t hard enough just arranging the transport of building supplies and finding skilled people to help, wild animals have no concept of deadlines and won’t hesitate to disrupt the process. Whether it’s a family of swallows building their home in the middle of the renovations, or a couple of giraffe who’ve decided they like the taste of thatch, you never know what to expect when building in the bush!
Nambwa Tented Lodge is completely geared around letting the elephants have their space. Honouring the elephants’ right of way, a timber walkway has been built in the trees, towering above the giants’ pathway below. It connects guests to the ten tented suites at Nambwa.

The elephants, however, don’t seem to feel the need to return the pleasantries by respecting the Nambwa team’s space. These gentle giants seem completely oblivious to Dusty Rodgers and his team of builders working on the building site.

The builders seem equally unperturbed by the elephant’s presence as they work against the clock to finish the latest project. Man and beast working harmoniously alongside each other…

A little more about Nambwa Tented Lodge

Nestled high amongst majestic trees of the Mayuni Conservancy in Namibia, Nambwa Tented Lodge is the only lodge uniquely situated inside the Bwabwata National Park in the heart of the Kavango – Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, (KAZA). Built with privacy and comfort in mind, each spacious tented suite is linked by a wooden walkway and boasts their own private viewing deck.

The main feature of the lodge is the majestic viewing deck, with rewarding views of the floodplains below and the large herds of elephant, buffalo and plains game that seek refuge and security under the tented suites for the night. The area is a sanctuary for more than 35 species of both large and small game and over 450 different bird species. The unique landscape combination of floodplains, woodlands and Kalahari sand dunes ensures a truly unique safari experience.

Contact Nambwa Tented Lodge - below

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Namibia: aerial video of central Swakopmund | Дрон видео - Свакопмунд, Намибия


Facebook - Drones

Aerial view of central Swakopmund, Namibia, with Woermann Haus and Kaiser Wilhelm strasse view.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Namibia: All Roads Lead to Nambwa Tented Lodge


All Roads Lead to Nambwa Tented Lodge

Nambwa can be ideally packaged with Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
°    Daily Airline flights from Johannesburg & Cape Town to Vic Falls (Zimbabwe), Livingstone (Zambia), Kasane (Botswana)
°    4 Flights a week from Windhoek to Katima
°    Air charters or road transfers available from all airports
°    Vic Falls/Livingstone to Nambwa – 4 to 5 hours
°    Kasane to Nambwa – 3 to 3.5 hours
°    Katima to Nambwa – 1.5 hours
The above times include a 15 minute boat transfer from Kapako, the drop off point on the Kwando River to the lodge.
°    Nambwa is located 1150 km from Windhoek.
°    Ideal overnight stops en route are Rundu (440km from Nambwa) or Bagani on the Okavango River (200km from Nambwa).
°    The lodge is only accessible with a 4x4 vehicle.
°    The lodge is situated 14km south of the entrance gate.  2x4 vehicles can be left at the gate and a complimentary transfer is offered from the gate to the lodge.
°    The duration is approximately 40 minutes.

Nambwa Tented Lodge is located in the Eastern Zambezi Region of Namibia along the Kwando River. It is the only lodge uniquely situated inside the Bwatwata National Park, in the heart of the KAZA and is nestled high amongst majestic trees, honouring the elephants’ right of way below. An authentic walkway joins decadently spacious tented suites, which emanate a feeling of vastness and evoke a gentle balance of serenity.

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News from Zambezi Queen | Новости Замбези Квин

#ZambeziQueen #ZambeziNamibia #IchingoChobeRiverLodge #ZambeziQueenCollection

Dear friends,

It gives great pleasure to introduce Shameena Masoet and Genevieve Paulsen to everyone.
Shameena and Genevieve have recently started with us at the Zambezi Queen Collection and will be based in our Cape Town office, they will be looking after the reservations functions for the Chobe Princesses and Ichingo Chobe River Lodge.

Having spent a full week on the Chobe River experiencing our full product range including the Zambezi Queen, the Chobe Princesses and Ichingo Chobe River Lodge and enjoying every moment on the river, they are now fully aware of how we operate and are looking forward to assisting with their day to day functions in our reservations department.

Shameena and Genevieve have a strong background in the travel industry having both worked for various hotel and lodge groups in their reservations departments prior to joining us.
We recently made the decision to move the Johannesburg office to our Cape Town offices as of the 23rd of June 2016 and the entire Zambezi Queen Collection is now in the same premises.

Lisa Dyboll, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Chobe Princesses and Ichingo Chobe River Lodge will still be based in the Johannesburg office.

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Botswana: fire at Mankwe Lodge | Пожар в Манкве Лодж


Message from Shaun Clemence - General Manager of Wildside Africa

It is with great regret that I have to announce that our oldest and most well-known Lodge, Mankwe Bush Lodge suffered a fire on Friday 26th July 2016 at 13h55. The lodges main structures have burnt down completely, however the tents and kitchen have not been affected.

We are working closely with everyone involved to ensure no guests that are traveling are seriously inconvenienced by this unfortunate incident. We will be back up and running soon, and I would personally like to thank everyone for their support in difficult circumstances.

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