Thursday, 1 May 2014

Namibia: Palmwag Concession Area

The Palmwag Concession Area is situated in north western Namibia in the Kunene Region.
The Palmwag Concession Area is approximately 582,622 hectares large and is enclosed by three different Conservancies, namely Torra Conservancy, Anabeb Conservancy and Sesfontein Conservancy.

The boundaries of the Concession Area are; in the north the northern bank of the Hoanib River, and in the west the eastern boundary of the Skeleton Coast Park. 
The southern boundary is demarcated by the veterinary cordon fence from the Springbokwasser Gate to the Wêreldsend veterinary gate, while the eastern boundary of the Concession Area leads from the Wêreldsend Gate to the Palmwag veterinary gate, then north along the C43 road to a point known as Gomakukous, and from thereon along the south western boundaries of the Anabeb and Sesfontein Conservancies to Elephant Song in the Hoanib River.
The Concession Area has currently two official entrance gates, Twee Palms Gate and Aub Gate.  Both gates are managed and controlled by Palmwag Lodge and are situated north of Palmwag Lodge on the C43.

A new gate, Elephant Song Gate, will be constructed at Elephant Song in the Hoanib River in the near future.  This gate will be managed by the Sesfontein Conservancy.  A fourth gate is in the progress of being constructed at Amspoort in the Hoanib River and will be managed and controlled by Wilderness Safaris.

Currently tourists and tour operators can get their concession permits at the Palmwag Lodge reception or at the Twee Palms and or Aub Gate when entering from the south or east.

Tourists and tour operators are currently encouraged to pay their concession and camping fees at these two gates when entering the Concession Area from the north through the Hoanib River and leave the concession via the Twee Palms or Aub Gates until the Elephant Song and Amspoort Gates are operational.  Concession and camping fees for the Concession Area can then in future be paid at Elephant Song or Amspoort Gates should tourists and operators enter the Concession Area through the Hoanib River.

Detailed maps of the Concession Area are available at Palmwag Lodge reception and at Twee Palms and Aub Gates.

Rules and regulations of the Palmwag Concession Area are stipulated on the concession map and should strictly be adhered to. More information & reservations of accommodation:

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