Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Namibia Wildlife Resorts clarify entrance fees

Namibia Wildlife Resorts earlier this week explained that bookings for its resorts are not outsourced to a foreign company.

This followed a complaint by a customer who said he had a bad experience when his family booked for a visit to Gross Barmen resort near Okahandja. The customer said he had to book through a foreign based company.

"We have tour operators that we have agreements with who do our bookings. This is not a unique situation to NWR only. Worldwide, hotels and lodges do this to expand their reach. Clients are welcome to book directly with us or directly on our website," explained Mufaro Nesongano, manager corporate communications and online media.

He said in terms of Gross Barmen, the company charges N$100 for entrance to the resort which entitles the visitor to use the facilities within the resort including the thermal pool, outside pool, sauna and the restaurant.

Nesongano said children aged six to 12 pay N$50 while those below six are not charged.

"In the case of this family, the pricing was correct," he said.

According to a customer, he was surprised that his family had to pay N$500 to enter Gross Barmen.

"Which Namibian family can afford that? Especially seeing that even the job of a booking officer is outsourced to a foreign company operating abroad? So, first they use tax payers' money to renovate the complex, then outsource the sales abroad and then make it impossible for the taxpayers to use it," he asked.