Tuesday, 17 May 2016

South Africa: Leopard Mountain Game Lodge news


Wild Diary May 2016

This month has been an exciting month for our guests in terms of sightings at Leopard Lodge. Zee, our newest ranger, had a unbelievable sighting of an Aardvark and then on the way back to the lodge had a glimpse of a Honey Badger, two incredibly illusive animals every guest wishes to see as they are very rare and nocturnal. The cold front that passed through has made them mobile a lot earlier than normal.
Themba had a few jaw dropping sightings. The cream of the crop was definitely the morning he found two new Lion cubs only a few days old, at a close second was the afternoon when he found a baby rhino only a few days old and still a little shaky on its feet - some definite ‘ahhhh’ moments from the guests. It is going to be very exciting watching the new babies grow and become like their fierce mommies. Rhino calves grow at almost a kilogram a day for their first year of life so this youngster won’t be small for much longer. On the walks this month we had some fun too, a baby Giraffe was spotted, not any older than two or three days old, as well as finding the Wild Dogs on a kill not too far from our hide!!! Then if that wasn’t enough we caught a sighting of an African Harrier Hawk (the old Gymnogene) feeding on something not even 30m from us. After the bird finished its meal and took to the skies we walked over and had a look at the remains and saw a massive pincer of a rather large Scorpion - ‘Goodbye Scorpion!’ The African Harrier Hawk is a master of hunting in holes. They have double jointed knee’s which make them very good at digging and finding food hidden in tree holes.

All in all the reserve is a hive of excitement at the moment, with the rains we’ve experienced the animals are enjoying the lush greenery and waterholes - basically a great time to be visiting the lodge!

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