Monday, 26 September 2016

Namibia: Mazambala Safari Lodge has burned down | Пожар в Мазамбала Лодж в Намибии


Message from Mazambala

We had a tragic situation at Mazambala Island Lodge 15th September 2016 Thursdays, the whole Lodge burned down – there is no more Mazambala Island Lodge. Thursday, around 10h00 in the morning there was a field fire that erupted in close approximate of the Lodge. Whiles fighting the fire, one of the thatch rooms of the Lodge caught fire and the rest was a sad dusty view of the place that once looked very beautiful.

Mazambala Safari Lodge Namibia burned down

The Lodge has completely burned down however the camp site is still up and running, the Camp site has not been effected by the fire and no damage is done to the Camp site.

Mazambala Safari Lodge Namibia burned down

The bungalows had thatched roofs, which made it easier for the fire to spread quickly. Fortunately, 25 tourists had checked out the morning before the fire swept through the lodge. About 33 others who were expected to arrive Thursday had not come when the lodge burnt down.
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