Sunday, 27 November 2016

South Africa: warning to Garden Route backpackers establishments

Warning Do not Reserve rooms or allow onto your property

(They travel with a couple called Terese and Carl)

Good day all

Please forward this email to all the other backpackers along the Garden Route.

Monzir and Ahmed volunteered at 33 South Backpackers for approximately 6 weeks and mentioned that they worked at Wilderness Backpackers (However we have come to discover that they worked at Wilderness Beach House Backpackers) and Long Street backpackers when they arrived. They did not however mention the terms on which they left Wilderness Beach House and it has only been made knowledge to us that they did not leave on good terms such as they did not leave on good terms on our side.

They left in somewhat of a rush a day ago and we are starting to discover that a number of items have gone missing. As we were handling that and taking stock of all that is now gone, we were called by Wilderness Backpackers this morning outlining that they arrived there last night and mentioned that they are volunteers from 33 South, which is false. They are not our volunteers anymore and as such they are using our name falsely and should pay for their own accommodation.

These two seemed like good people when they arrived and we welcomed them with warm arms and made them part of the family but their true nature started unraveling. They are not team players and are arrogant and entitled.

If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Natasha. Please forward this email to the other Garden Route backpackers.

Warm regards

Fairy knowe Backpackers