Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Botswana: water levels in Moremi

The water levels in Moremi

You would by  now you would all be aware of the unusually high levels of water in and around among other places Moremi Game Reserve.
We have been monitoring the water levels in the key areas for some time now and it has prompted me to offer the following  advice as it will result in come itinerary changes until the game drive roads dry out …if they dry out.
My hope was that the flooding is shallow and that evaporation would take care of the problem and dry out some of the main roads.
However we need to plan for the fact that even a medium flood in the delta which would arrive in May / June could compound the problem ….and the result could be that some of the roads may never dry up this season.

Makgadikgadi and CKGR Nxai Pan and CKGR and dry and easily drivable.
The Makgadikgadi area around  Njuca Hills is easily drivable but further south towards the pans it’s still very wet ( but shallow ) and I trust this will dry out in the next month or two.
There is significant water on the road between South Gate and 3rd Bridge and Xakanaxa and 3rd Bridge. There is a risk that this water stays for the season.
South Gate to Xakanaxa is easily drivable.
South Gate to Khwai is easily drivable.
There is deep water crossings between Khwai Guest House and the white concrete bridge - hindering progress to Savuti HOWEVER there is a perfectly drivable route from Khwai North gate towards Sankuyo Village to the east and then north to Mababe Village and Savuti.
There is a deep water crossing on the main road just south of Mababe Village but there is a short detour around it.
North of Khwai Village the main gravel road is dry to Savuti.

The main purpose of this notice is to inform you that most places are accessible BUT the game drive areas are restricted.

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