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Namibia: Namib Dune Star Camp

Namib Dune Star Camp

Namib Dune Star Camp is situated on the crest of ancient sand dunes overlooking the spectacular landscape of the Namib Desert.

Best described as a soft adventure camp, Namib Dune Star Camp offers the thrill of being out in the desert yet provides luxuries like soft beds and hot showers. The intimate camp has nine cabins, with a fair distance between them. Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom, a large bedroom and a spacious deck. The rooms are equipped with a double bed that can be wheeled out for a night under the southern skies. Each room has an extra non movable
single bed making it perfect for families or friends. Extra bedding is supplied for those cooler winter nights under the stars.

The central area’s wide balcony has unrivalled vistas and is the ideal place to sip on a sundowner drink as the
sun bathes the landscape in gold. Sunset is followed by a delicious dinner under a blanket of twinkling stars.

Namib Dune Star Camp is an eco-friendly camp where careful consideration has been taken in the design and
construction to ensure that it leaves a minimum footprint. Solar panels on the cabins provide hot water and lights, and water is pumped from a nearby borehole. Hot water and electricity is limited and no fan, air conditioning or plug points (power sockets) are available. This means that guests are required to step lightly in the desert
environment and be mindful of the resources.

Namib Dune Star Camp allows guests the privilege of spending time in the desert wilderness with its exceptional
views, clean air, open spaces and bright starlit sky.

The Dune Star experience is a one-night once-in-a-lifetime Namib Desert opportunity.
Day 1:
Check-in at Namib Desert Lodge in Namibian Summer Time*: arrival latest at 15:30 to leave for Namib Dune Star Camp at 16:30.
Check-in at Namib Desert Lodge in Namibian Winter Time*: arrival latest at 14:00 to leave for Namib Dune Star Camp at 15:00.
(*Namibian Summer Time applies from the first Sunday in September to the first Saturday in April; Namibian Winter Time applies from the first Sunday in April to the first Saturday in September.)

Kindly note that guests arriving late for the shuttle departing to Dune Star Camp will be charged a surcharge of N$100 per person.
Drive to Namib Dune Star Camp in a 4x4 vehicle. Guests´ luggage will be transferred to Namib Dune Star Camp.
Check-in at Namib Dune Star Camp.
Guided dune walk of approximately 1 hour at Namib Dune Star Camp.
Day 2:
Early start: wake-up call at 5:30 a.m. with coffee / tea / biscuits at the bungalow, followed by a guided sunrise walk (approximately 1 hour) in the surrounding dunes of the Namib Dune Star Camp.
After the walk, you will have time to freshen up and depart on a 30 minute drive back to Namib Desert Lodge, where a hearty breakfast awaits you.
Kindly note that the shuttle for your breakfast at Namib Desert Lodge only departs from Namib Dune Star Camp between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. Unfortunately no earlier shuttle is available. Please plan your further journey on this day or excursions to Sossusvlei accordingly.

Keep in mind:
To make the excursion worthwhile and enjoyable, we recommend a one-night stay at Namib Desert Lodge, followed by a night at Namib Dune Star Camp, or vice versa.
When staying at Namib Desert Lodge, please note that check-out time is 10:00 a.m. No day-rooms are available at Namib Desert Lodge.
For the nature walk, remember to wear comfortable shoes and a hat.
Guides are English speaking.
Your rate for the Namib Dune Star Camp is bed and breakfast based, therefore dinners, drinks and any extras incurred during your stay must be paid at the reception of Namib Desert Lodge on departure.
Gondwana is known for having child friendly lodges. We regret that the Namib Dune Star Camp is not suitable for children aged 12 years or younger.

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