Sunday, 4 June 2017

Zambia: Taita Falcon Lodge history | Таита Фалкон Лодж Замбия

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A bit of history
One late-summer's morning way back in 1994, Faan Fourie took a long walk through the untamed and rough African bush east of the well-known Victoria Falls. He came upon a site so breathtakingly beautiful, that he felt it would be a wrongdoing not to share it with others. The view before him was the grandeur of the Batoka gorge in its entire splendour 230m deep, embracing the swirling waters of the Zambezi River in its depths.
And so it was that in 1995, Faan and his wife Anmarie took on the challenging task of building Taita Falcon Lodge where no road existed and with no Hardware Store around the corner to go to for building material. Undeterred and using indigenous materials from the surrounding bush, they meticulously set about making their dream a reality and the lodge slowly took shape. A self-taught carpenter from a nearby rural village was appointed to make the necessary furniture. This he did all by hand, from the chopping of a suitable tree, sawing the logs with a pit saw and producing the finished product with the very basic of tools.
In March 1997 Taita Falcon Lodge had their first clients  and this year we have been operating for 20 years.

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