Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Nedbank Namibia's "service": nightmare continues!


Opinions of some "satisfied" customers of Nedbank from FB page:

Sean G Oberg Having huge problems with your new internet banking! Think half the country is...
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Winnet Murerwa Sick and tired of your not 'make things happen' with the internet banking.. How long is this inconvenience is going to last? #iwanttodomybankingonlinenow
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Emile Marais I moved my accounts from other banks because of their poor internetbanking. Now I have the same problem.
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Philip Varnhagen Ridiculously un-user friendly
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Namib Steve its absolute rubbish - its what i call a professional updowngrade
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EstherandVolker Backhaus Exactly - it's been an absolute nightmare
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Natascha Vilonel That's it, my business has come to a standstill due to Internet banking problems, I'm forced to move to another bank.
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Wynand Burger Professional bugger up. No sms to notify my login. No beneficiary list. Seems I will have to drive 300 km to Windhoek to do payments and switch banks....... Any suggestions?
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Brendan Ihmig Hmmmmm...
Exciting - please can you give one example of how online banking is "exciting" especially seeing as it is not working
New - new does not always mean better...
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Emile Marais Had to drive 150km to do my banking. Cannot find my beneficiaries. Its a damn nightmare. Funny that no one answer us on our comments.
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Eckhart Fortsch I pity the poor employees who are still answering calls and customers' queries. And what aggravates me is the fact that an internet banking "upgrade" was done without any beta-testing before launching it nationwide. Bank Windhoek did an upgrade about the same time; while it does take some getting used to there are none of the technical issues. Go Namibia!
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Emile Marais Still no joy. One week later.
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Andre Bez Month end.Trying to get into internet banking the whole day now to do payments but no luck !!!! You just lost another customer
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Wynand Burger Drove 300 km. IT person helped me and I got my banking done. Hiccups back at the farm. Phoned and Wian at IT helped me. (Thanks) Everything is there, but its like walking in a maze and the cherry on the cake: Eft cost is up from $7 to $9. Nedbank is severing a relationship of more then 25 years.
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Jofie Lamprecht Waste of time and energy. Thank you Nedbank fo wasting hours of my life on your stupid upgrade. Take a poll. Everyone will want the old system back. Looking into other banks.
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Henri Slabbert The only thing exciting about your new system is wondering how on gods green earth I am going to pay my creditors with a system that does not work.
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Faralda Francoise Barnard i hate the new banking.cant do any payments.
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Jean-Mari Uys Not happy with the new upgrade at all.Can't do any payments at all.Moving to a new bank for sure.
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Namib Workforce n gemors .. ek kan nie 'n eenvoudige transaksie maak nie.
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Namib Workforce |Where do i get the beneficiary id from if i create a new beneficiary
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Daniel Gottlieb Your new Internet banking system is very bad unprofessional system upgraded
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Kobus du Plessis this new system is absolute rubbish, the amount of time wasted is incredible and the fact that I perform needed eft payments completely unacceptable. Have you actually tried using your own system???!!! as customers actually paying you we deserve better, particularly as nothing has improved despite directly speaking to you about the issues
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Milly-Ann VS Strauss Groot gemors,met die system upgrading
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Kristin Schreiber very exciting indeed harr harr harr!!!!!!! I don't have access to my money for 3 weeks now and nobody is able to assist me. Really great service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wynand Burger Steeds geen bruikbare elektroniese bankstate nie.
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Anke Hausdrachen Zimny Ek soek die persone wat die nuwe programm by Nedbank aanvaar het en die skrywer van die program! Hulle moet by my kom en onder my omstandighede 30 payments maak op die mees verbruikeronfriendelike programm ooit! @%$%&*((
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Andrew Fordred and while this is going on it is fees upon fees upon fees that they charge......for substandard service
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Bernd Reimers That's it ! Again not being able to transfer money because all accounts show 0.00 ! After being a customer of Nedbank since 1981, tomorrow I will close all my accounts!
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Tarien Coetzer Van Zyl What a joke - after a month money transferred to my credit card is STILL NOT SHOWING. Cannot get statements, beneficiaries vanished, bank fees upon bank fees, poor service, most user-unfriendly online banking system ever. We had enough!!!!! Cheers Nedbank - after more than 20 years!!!!
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Bernd Reimers Having been very upset with Nedbank on Monday evening, things looked better when all funds showed on my accounts on Tuesday morning again. In general I have been pleased with their service most of the time. My comment from Monday was read and I receive...See More
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Nedbank Namibia Okay, so we've had a rough ride so far, but let's try to get things back on track. Although there are still some issues left, many have been resolved - so for the sake of focusing on where the current issues are, can everyone in this thread who's problem hasn't been resolved please comment again?
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Wynand Burger So, you had a rough ride? Ask your customers about being rough ridden. And they are paying to be handled like that. "Although there are still some issues left"...............The big issue is that you should pay customers all costs like driving to Windhoek, because of your ineptitude.
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Nedbank Namibia A lot of the comments here (but not all of them) have to do with the new interface.

Sergei Mitrofanov Do Nedbank really care to read what people write here?
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