Friday, 25 September 2015

Namibia: Nambwa Tented Lodge news & photo gallery | Намбва Лодж Намибия


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Welcome to Nambwa Tented Lodge!

African Monarch Lodges is proud to announce that Nambwa Tented Lodge is now fully functional with 10 luxury tents looking fantastic. All rooms have also been equipped with safes. Mosquito nets have been added and are giving the already elegant tent suites an even more romantic look and feel. Some freshening up at the main area with the assistance of a local designer has created a cozy and inviting space for our guests.
We hope to welcome you soon, to savour a glass of wine near the fireplace, watching herds of elephants calmly forage underneath the elevated lodge. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner by candlelight under a sky full of jewels and let the sounds of the African night bring joy to your heart.

Nambwa is in the heart of the Kavango Zambezi Trans Frontier Conservation Area (KAZA) and part of the large Peace Park initiative. This region is replete with a wide range of habitats for the wildife that roams freely within the corridor. There are large floodplains and thick woodlands. You’ll see reed-beds and floating grass mats. Spreading bushes with knob thorn, jackal berry, and wild date. There are even sand dunes that extend from the Kalahari desert. In this area you’ll see deciduous woodlands with wild seringa, copalwood and Zambezi teak.

Nambwa Lodge Namibia

Recent sightings from the lodge deck were:
°    Wild Dogs hunting Impala on the floodplain below
°    A buffalo herd passing through on a moonlit night
°    Our resident leopard stalking a Civet right below us
°    Elephants criss crossing under the decks and walkways, unperturbed by us humans walking above them
°    Giraffe majestically marching into the sunset
°    and the latest of today at 5am on 24th September, a pride of 12 lions (3 females and 9 cubs) taking down an old Buffalo Bull, then being chased off by 6 Hyenas, only to witness the injured yet alive and grumpy Buffalo getting up and wandering around the campsite....we hope he makes it!
There is always something exciting happening at Nambwa!

Nambwa Lodge Namibia
Photos: Nambwa