Sunday, 6 December 2015

Namibia: French wind farm near Luderitz in Sperrgebiet National Park


New wind farm near Luderitz

French company InnoVent announced its plans to set up a 150 to 500 megawatt (MW) wind farm in Namibia's Sperrgebiet National Park, a diamond mining area in south-western part of the country, in Luderitz area.

Speaking to Nampa about this development on Tuesday, environmental commissioner Theofilus Nghitila commended the move, saying it is a signal to the world that Namibia has the potential for renewable energy.

“Namibia has the best wind regime in the world, which is unexploited for energy generation. We expect the signing ceremony to open a new era for Namibia for the private sector to tap into this potential to the fullest. This energy resource needs to be exploited like diamonds,” he stressed.

Namibia has set itself an ambitious target to have 90% of energy needs met by renewable energy by the year 2030. The target set by the year 2030 is subject to the availability of financial resources by developed countries, the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and the private sector, said Nghitila.

“This MoU is the first step to allocate approximately 8 800 hectares to InnoWind for the implementation of a 150 to 500 MW wind farm in the Namib, one of the windiest places in the world,” it stated.

InnoVent created InnoSun in 2008 with the aim of developing new projects in Namibia.
InnoSun was created in 2010 to develop, construct, finance and operate solar photovoltaic plants. This led to Namibia's first-ever multi-million dollar solar plant near Omaruru in the Erongo Region inaugurated in May 2015.

“Namibia receives more sunlight than anywhere else on earth, so it was unthinkable not to harness this solar energy,” the company's website says.