Sunday, 10 January 2016

Namibia: ban to overnight at West Coast's Long Beach | Лонг Бич Намибия


Revellers who can not be bothered to clean up after themselves have forced the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to ban the practice of "overnighting" at Long Beach, located between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.
It is situated in the Dorob National Park, and visitors are in fact not allowed to stay in the park overnight without a permit.

Spending the "big days" over the festive season at Long Beach has however become an institution amongst holidaymakers. On New Year's Eve especially the area is a hive of activity as young and old converge on the beach to see in the new year, partying until sunrise.

This year, as has happened before, revellers left the beach in an appalling state, with rubbish strewn everywhere.

The littering by coastal visitors and residents who camp at the beach to celebrate Christmas and New Year has proven to be a headache for the ministry and nature lovers for more than eight years now.

Despite the rule that holicaymakers are not allowed to camp at Long Beach overnight, the ministry made an exception for the festive season.

They will now however start enforcing the rule strictly.

A team of more than 10 officials from the ministry, Namibian Coast Conservation and Management Project (Nacoma) and student volunteers started cleaning up on Friday, New Year's Day.

Some holidaymakers also violated the rules of the park by driving quad bikes and 4x4 vehicles and camping in the restricted areas in the dunes.

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