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Namibia: Heroes' Acre Windhoek - aerial photo gallery | Мемориал Героев Намибии


The offical memorial commemorating fallen Independence war heroes - The Heroes' Acre, is located close to Namibia's capital Windhoek - 5 minutes of driving south of town, off road B1, on your left. The distance is less than 10 km, turn-off is just after police road check point.

Heroes' Acre was officially opened on 26 August 2012 (celebrated annually as Heroes Day), with purpose of "fostering a spirit of patriotism and nationalism, and to pass on the legacy to the future generations of Namibia".

Heroes' Acre is built as a symmetric polygon with a marble obelisk and a bronze statue of the Unknown Soldier at its centre. The site contains parade grounds and a grandstand for 5000 people. The burial site consists of 174 tombs, not all are currently occupied.

Construction of Heroes’ Acre

The construction of Heroes’ Acre and a Memorial Museum in Namibia was conceived by President Sam Nujoma while attending an OAU Summit in Harare in 1997.

The City of Windhoek identified and donated over 732 hectares of land, less then ten kilometres south of city, to the government for the construction of Heroes’ Acre. It was designed by a team of North Korean experts, in collaboration with the City of Windhoek, the Ministry of Basic Education and Culture, the National Monuments Council and the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication.

Heroes’ Acre is situated between two hills, creating an impressive ambience for the visitor as it lies sprawled on the slopes of the larger southern hill. The site also allows for easy access for service- and maintenance teams.

A white obelisk, the tallest element on the site, forms a distinct landmark which is clearly visible from the city centre. White marble and black granite from Karibib on the edge of the Namib Desert were used to clad all the concrete structures.

The layout of Heroes’ Acre is a symmetrical polygon consisting of:

    a public seating area that can accommodate 5 000 people;
    an arrival platform which is the lowest part of the "saddle";
    the main area consisting of graves;
    the obelisk area; and
    a staircase walkway leading to the pavilion, which allows for a panoramic view of the City of Windhoek.

The main attractions at Heroes’ Acre are the eternal flame that burns 24-hours a day, the heroes’ medal, the eight-meter-tall sculpture of the "Unknown Soldier", the curved relief depicting the struggle and the pavilion. Other interesting features include the gateway, the sculptured couple on the roundabout and the restaurant.

In his inaugural address, President Sam Nujoma stated that "Heroes’ Acre is a place for all Namibians, irrespective of their political, racial, ethnic or religious background, to come and honour those sons and daughters of our soil who sacrificed their lives, and those who, during their lifetimes, made great and meaningful contributions to the liberation of the ‘Land of the Brave’ and all her people in their diversity. Compatriots, this monument was built as our token of honour to our fallen heroes and heroines. It was built in the true African tradition of bestowing honour to our forefathers and mothers."

"The blood of all these sons and daughters of Namibia watered the tree of our liberty and will always be remembered by present and future generations of the Republic of Namibia." – Sam Nujoma

Heroes' Acre Windhoek, Namibia

Heroes' Acre Windhoek, Namibia

Heroes' Acre Windhoek, Namibia

Heroes' Acre Windhoek, Namibia

Heroes' Acre Windhoek, Namibia

Heroes' Acre Windhoek, Namibia

Heroes' Acre Windhoek, Namibia
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