Sunday, 10 April 2016

Corrupt Banking Institution - Nedbank


Corrupt Banking Institution-NEDBANK
Believe it or Not!




Being silent over a serious accusation of corruption is a clear indication that you’re either dumb or dirty.

No Banking Institution that wants to stay or be ahead of the competition and retain its Client base will deliberately avoid responding to accusations of corruption brought against them.

A Midrand based Businessman, Ross Moodley, has taken unusual action/s against NEDBANK which caused his financial ruin.

After all efforts to set the record straight over the unlawful liquidation of his Family owned transport business failed, Ross Moodley has now decided to give NEDBANK a taste of their own medicine without fear of reprisal.

Ross Moodley broke silence in January 2015. His story first broke in The Sunday Tribune on the 25th of January 2015, and has since been published in several other Newspapers.

Ross Moodley not only accused NEDBANK of being a CORRUPT BANKING INSTITUTION, he had those words emblazoned on his car alongside NEDBANK’S logo in its trademark green.

Shortly afterwards, Ross Moodley created a FACEBOOK Group exposing NEDBANK’s shady dealings. The FB Group now has a Membership of over 70 000 People.

To step-up the awareness campaign that NEDBANK are cowards and that NEDBANK cannot be trusted, Ross Moodley recently placed 7 billboards on his family owned Business Park that is situated on a very busy street which is just down the road from Gallagher Conference Centre, Midrand.

Ross Moodley has accused NEDBANK of committing several transgressions and irregularities, and has challenged NEDBANK to come forward and plead innocent of accusations of PERJURY, CONTEMPT OF COURT, GROSS ABUSE OF POWER and FINANCIAL MISSTATEMENT.

Ross Moodley is willing and ready to prove that these accusations are without a reasonable doubt factually true and correct by presenting substantial documentary evidences in a Court of Law. Unfortunately, NEDBANK remains silent over these serious accusations that have been leveled against them on various public platforms.

Making a caricature of the Brand of a Banking Institution is not something that one would expect NEDBANK and millions of its Stakeholders to ignore. Ignoring such public disrepute of your Brand speaks volume to my intellectual audience.

NEDBANK and their team of equally greedy Attorneys need to do the Honorable thing and face Ross Moodley, or have a dead ego enough to keep to their Word of a settlement outside of Court.

Until then, NEDBANK will continue to suffer fatal protest punches from the Man they thought would despair and discontinue.

Ross Moodley’s resilience doesn’t seem to have an expiration date. I doubt if it even expires.

Whilst the Man in the street with extremely limited FINANCIAL and LEGAL resources continues to publically name and shame NEDBANK and its cronies, NEDBANK and its cronies, who have unlimited FINANCIAL and LEGAL resources at their disposal continue to behave like COWARDS by Virtue of them hiding behind LIES and SILENCE.

Makes you think doesn’t it?

NEDBANK’S silence, coupled with lies over Ross Moodley’s peaceful protest and vocal challenge that they break their silence and come clean to face him over serious accusations of CORRUPTION speaks volumes.

Why is NEDBANK, which is a subsidiary Company of OLD MUTUAL silent?

This question is indisputably pertinent to understanding how dumb-founded and incapacitated NEDBANK has become when the dark sides of what they do in their secret chambers are brought to public disrepute.

What more can I say?

NEDBANK has clearly let down their Millions of Stakeholders – being its CLIENTS, EMPLOYEES and SHAREHOLDERS.

NEDBANK’S act of corruption, fraud, manipulation and subsequent move to sway public opinion in the process, all put together, point to one thing – clearly, NEDBANK is NOT a credible Bank to save or do business with.

Just to let my readers in on some facts, let me state it here, and unequivocally too, that NEDBANKERS, their surrogates and team of experienced and erudite Attorneys are fraudulent professionals at what they do, because when the truth surfaces, they hide behind LIES, and recoil into a state of SILENCE and become COWARDS.

NEDBANK is completely defenseless and debilitated in light of the disclosure of their dingy activities within the South African Banking Sector.

It’s time we all come together and cast in our vote of NO-CONFIDENCE in NEDBANK’S financial services.

NEDBANK has betrayed public trust!

To all who are reading this, don’t just see this write up as a fine piece, but as a word of CAUTION!

Today, we are talking about Ross Moodley and his Family. Tomorrow, it may be you or a close Family member.

The mortality rate of corruption in any Country is usually high when there’s a coordinated effort from everyone in exposing and bringing the likes of NEDBANK to its knees and holding them ACCOUNTABLE for wrongdoing.

You could have been one of the 120 Employees who lost their jobs!

I respectfully urge one and all of you to please support this bold initiative that places CONSUMER RIGHTS before the BANKING SECTOR.

Please support this PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN and help us get the word out there that NEDBANK ARE COWARDS AND THAT NEDBANK CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

“Today, power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.” Dharmesh Shah.