Monday, 4 April 2016

Namibia: The sands of time Exhibition by Karl-Pieter Farao


The sands of time Exhibition by Karl-Pieter Farao

Date: Tuesday, 05.04.2016 (ends 06.05.2016)
Time: 08:00
Region: Khomas (Windhoek)
Town: Windhoek
Venue: Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC)
Entry: free

The Sands of Time is the first solo exhibition by the humble Karl-Pieter Farao. Using nature that he collects while travelling the country, Karl-Pieter hopes his artworks teaches the public a little bit more about the environment they live in.

The artist focuses on taking his time to produce his artwork. There is value in time.
Everything in life must be done in your own time.

The artwork is made from pieces of nature found in the South, East, West and North of Namibia. This exhibition brings together all the different types of nature found in Namibia’s diverse land into one room. Karl-Pieter insists that he only collects pieces of nature that touches his heart. Expect to see mixed media such as: sand, seeds, wood, buck droppings, elephant dung, tusks, tails, stones, fish, horns, copper, leather, mahangu, and much more.

Le projet de l’artiste Karl-Pieter Farao s’articule autour de sable namibien et d’autres matériaux issus de la nature, afin d’enseigner au public un sens de reconnaissance de l’environnement qui les entoure.

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