Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Botswana: Requirements For Travelling With Minors

Requirements For Travelling With Minors

Desert & Delta Safaris would like to advise all concerned of changes in the requirements for minors travelling through all Botswana ports of entry. We have received an official communication from the Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs on the 19 October 2016. The press release reads as follows:

“The Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs informs the general public that it has imposed requirements for minors (children under 18) travelling through the county’s ports of entry.

Effective from the 1st October 2016 minors travelling through the country’s borders will be required to produce certified copies of unabridged birth certificates in addition to their valid passports. In the event that one parent is not travelling with the child, the other parent's affidavit consenting to such travel should be availed. However, an affidavit will not be required if the father’s name does not appear on the child’s birth certificate.”
To summarise the above, should families be travelling with children below the age of 18 they will require the following:

°    Valid Passports
°    Certified unabridged birth certificates for all minors below the age of 18
°    A letter of consent from the other parent should the minor be travelling with one parent

Please note that this new development will have an immediate impact on all families travelling to Botswana. It is, however, our understanding that the majority of families travelling through our camps are arriving through South Africa which currently has similar border requirements. Families should, therefore, have all the required documentation in place.

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