Thursday, 27 October 2016

Namibia: Cheetah Conservation Fund Carnivore Tracker



We are excited that Carnivore Tracker is the first App. of its kind for Namibia. Carnivore Tracker is a free to download and free to use application designed to allow anyone with a smartphone to contribute to the conservation of Namibia’s carnivore species regardless of their background or level of knowledge by simply logging their sightings as they occur. Data or Wi-Fi connectivity is not required as the sightings are stored and uploaded when they become available making it ideal for use in remote wilderness locations where they may not be available.

The data will be used to create a national presence map for Namibia which will allow researchers to identify differences between protected/unprotected areas, human-wildlife conflict hot spots, long-term changes in carnivore populations and in turn where to target much needed conservation action and management. As well as feeding the information into key government departments such as the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in order to inform national carnivore management strategies. In return users are able to see their personal sightings on a map of Namibia as a permanent record. To guard against misuse of the App. overall user sightings can only been seen on a limited scale map which will allow people to see a general picture of where various carnivore species can be found without providing a specific location. As members of the tourism industry you all represent the benchmark for safari guides, lodge / hotel owners, travel agents or tour operators throughout Namibia and we believe your organisations co-operation and endorsement of Carnivore Tracker would significantly enhance its uptake and use by both tourism workers and visitors and therefore greatly increase its effectiveness and in turn benefit all of us who have a stake in protecting Namibia’s wildlife. Carnivore Tracker enables safari guides, lodge and tour operators such as yourselves to connect with scientific researchers across Namibia who want to contribute to the collection of essential distribution data to ensure we have accurate and robust data on the distribution and status of the wild carnivore population across Namibia. The data obtained from Carnivore Tracker will be open source as it will upload data into the Environmental Information Service carnivore atlas which contains a long history of carnivore records across Namibia and is Namibia’s leading online knowledge repository. We hope that you will be able to see the benefits to both your staff and clients and will consider joining us in this exciting citizen science project. Namibia’s wildlife is amazing and it brings people from all over the world to Namibia to view it. We all have the same vision to help conserve and enjoy our unique wildlife now and for future generations. Join the active conservation community and download the Carnivore Tracker App. today.
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