Friday, 26 February 2016

Botswana: Ker & Downey water level update


Water Level Update

What does the drought mean for the Ker & Downey Botswana camps?

Shinde, Kanana and Okuti will be opening on the 1st March. All three camps will be able to offer their water based activities. The current conditions in Botswana are having a positive impact on wildlife sightings, increasing both diversity and frequency.

At Kanana the mokoro activity is unaffected by the water level however we have had to adapt the boat cruise slightly due to blockages in the channel. But do not fear guests are still able to get out and experience this water element of the Delta. Your guests can expect to be out on the boat for an hour or so, in which time their guide will explain this ecosystem. It’s a great time to see birds and aquatic species. Although a great distance is not covered its very interesting and informative.
Footsteps Camp, home to our Young Explorers (specialised family safari) and Footsteps Across the Delta (walking safari) will receive its first guests on the 1st March. The mokoro activity is currently suspended until water levels rise and the hippos inhabiting the channel move to deeper lagoons. We have to remember that we are visitors in their home and be gracious guests.

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