Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Namibia: Solitaire Country Lodge news | Солитаре Кантри Лодж Намибия


Solitaire Country Lodge news

Starting with a re-brand of the product, the name has changed to “Solitaire Namibia”. With the re-branding, improved service levels, better quality accommodation, and food offering can be expected. The restaurant and bakery will soon be at a whole different level with more choice and an interesting menu. Structural changes to certain facilities and lodge surroundings can be expected over time but, will not impact on the guest experience. In case of unforeseen circumstances during the repair phase, relocating of bookings will be communicated to you as a matter of precaution. Solitaire Guest Farm will be the alternative option to relocate such bookings. We view it as an upgrade without cost implication.

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