Thursday, 2 March 2017

Botswana: shocking state of Xakanaxa - shame on Kwalate!

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Xakanaxa Campsite
18 June 2016

We recently stayed at Xakanaxa. Be warned that it is in a shocking state and probably amongst the most poorly managed campsites I've ever been in.

The baboons were a menace and because the rubbish is not cleared, they have a field day. The guys in "our" campsite had been ransacked on their first day.

Kwalate (running agent) knowingly and deliberately double or triple books their campsites, and you usually have to squabble with other campers for your spot. There is no manager at the camp - she sits several kms away doing sweet nothing with her buddies - that's if you can find her at all. The toilets were broken and dirty, there was no toilet paper, and certainly maintenance had not been even considered recently (fire hydrants broken off the walls, etc.).

If you complain, she simply says that "the office" forgot to advise you that you have to share campsites and they have "a right" to pack the maximum of 8 guests per campsite. At our last visit, 3 groups, totalling 14 people, had vouchers for the same campsite. Fortunately we squatted on another campsite where the clients didn't arrive (and we made good friends with the "interlopers" on ours).

Third Bridge (Xomae) is a better option in my opinion, and Khwai (SKL) is probably the best. Xakanaxa quite simply is a mess. It's one of the best located campsites, but sadly that's all it has going for it.