Friday, 24 March 2017

Namibia: Okahirongo news | Окахиронго Намибия

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Dining in the Desert at Okahirongo
Culture started at the dining table, when people began to cook food and wait for each other. At Okahirongo, we believe it is impossible to live well without eating well. That’s why our menu is an ode to healthy yet tasty, classy food.
Spontaneous grocery store trips are something most of us rely on. Just a quick drive down the road, run in, grab what you need and run out. However, when it’s a two-day round trip to the nearest decent shopping centre, a little more forward-planning is involved. Situated in the remote area of Kaokoland in the North West of Namibia, Okahirongo Elephant Lodge has their work cut out for them when it comes to finding and transporting ingredients. However, despite these challenges, chefs at the lodge never fail to amaze guests with the spectacular culinary creations.
Fusing local traditional flavours with modernist twists, it’s bush-dining at its best. Dinner is served by candlelight in one of the two dining rooms, or around a fire, under starry Namibian skies. Fresh bread and muffins are baked at the lodge daily and most of the fresh produce comes straight from the lodges organic garden.
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