Thursday, 23 March 2017

Namibia: Tsumkwe Lodge - San Culture & Traditional Villages | Цумкве Лодж Намибия

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Tucsin Tsumkwe Lodge - San Culture & Traditional Villages

So much rain, its hard to comprehend we had a serious drought until recent. Vast parts of the landscape in the north of Namibia are saturated by good rains.
TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge reported, the Nyae Nyae Pans are full of water, many aquatic birds will soon flock to the pans edge to feed and breed. Roads in and out of Tsumkwe are still fine and can be driven.

Guests visiting the area can access the lodge without any trouble. Some of the traditional San villages in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy are not accessible for the moment.
Cultural tours are conducted either in a half day or full day program. Participating with the Ju/’hoansi San Bushmen on activities will afford guests the unique opportunity to have direct contact and insight into the precious - but rare - value systems of traditional hunter-gatherer societies.

TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge is not only an accommodation facility, it’s a non-profit organization that uplift the San community through Tourism, as well as supporting schools and learners, providing training opportunities to adults and youth, and assist the Ju/’hoansi people to preserve and celebrate their culture while learning to adapt to modern society.

In support of the San Culture, Tucsin Tsumkwe Lodge invites you to visit one of the last remaining wilderness areas, home to a unique group of people, deeply rooted within a culture that stretches as far back as the first humans on the African continent.

Activity Option for a longer stays

Guests who stay at the lodge are invited to a storytelling experience with a group of school children at around 6 pm at no additional cost
    Next morning - travel 25 km North to the village of //Xa/oba to join their San hunting guides for a full day hunt
    Overnight option in the village campsite at //Xa/oba, possibly including a traditional dance performance from the villagers around the campfire
    Take part in a bush walk to learn about the ancient survival techniques still practiced today by the Ju/’haonsi here in Tsumkwe. Return to the TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge for lunch or later for dinner, depending on your preference.

Both of our Ju/’hoansi guides have level 2 certification, possess a vast knowledge of the culture and local environment and are fluent in English. Join us for an unforgettable experience.
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