Sunday, 6 March 2016

Botswana: update from Edo's Camp | Эдос Кемп Ботсвана


Edo's Camp news and update

Edo's Camp Botswana
We are still working on renovation and on different projects to turn our camp into a full Eco lodge. We are 100% independant with our electricity and water, and with the utilization of our own beef. We also have started a Chicken and Guinea Faul project and therefore have a full egg production. The goal will be to only keep Guinee's in camp both for eggs and for meat. The chickens will be passed to our sister organization the Paolo Zanichellis Childrens Home where we layed all the necessary facilities to start with a much bigger chicken egg production project. We also were finally able to have a good production from our bio garden project and therefore will have many different vegetables from our own production in the kitchen.  The Children's Home is going well and also there we have established a much bigger garden project. We have a few projects in line for this non for profit project that hopefully will come true soon.

Edo's Camp Botswana
We also have started with a small water grey water water plant bed filtration system that we are planning to expand to all the chalets. Thought the next upcoming project is the full renovation of the swimming pool that will be turned into a bio pool with it's own very large plant filtration system. Hopefully things will work out as planned.
Edo's Camp Botswana

Edo's Camp Botswana
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