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Namibia: beautiful sunsets video | Закаты Намибии


Sunsets in Namibia - video:

Namibia is rated as one of Africa’s top travel destinations. That’s a claim requiring supportive evidence but there exists an abundance of examples to substantiate this assertion. Where else can the traveller stand atop a dune that towers well over 300 metres above the surrounding desert floor, and glimpse a fraction of 34 000 km2 of the dune "sea" that stretches westward to the fogbound emptiness of the Atlantic shoreline? To the south the "Forbidden Area" (German: Sperrgebiet) invites exploration, invoking memories of times when diamonds lay in such profusion on the Namib floor that their collection was facilitated by searching for their brilliance under moonlight. The remnants of man’s habitation in this foreboding wilderness lie decaying under the relentless onslaught of wind and sand, their crumbling walls being stark reminders of the merciless forces of abrasive weather. Ghost towns of yesteryear crumble and dissolve into the desert sands.

Namibia - Independence Avenue in Windhoek, the capital

Namibia has captured the world’s imagination once again and has been ranked at number five on Buzzfeed’s list of most beautiful countries in the world.
Namibia, South Africa and Kenya are the only three African countries that made it onto the list.
Namibia - Independence Avenue in Windhoek, the capital

The list of 20 countries was compiled by a Buzzfeed community member called TravelGuru, who ranked South Africa in first place.
Also among the top ten are the United States, New Zealand, China, Argentina, Colombia, Tanzania, Italy and Kenya.
According to the article, Namibia is undoubtedly one of the world’s most scenically magnificent countries.
Namibia - Swakopmund's Woermann Haus

It describes the country as “hauntingly beautiful”. “Its Germanic influence is evident throughout the country, which is one of the world’s natural treasure troves,” TravelGuru writes. The writer contends that the Etosha National Park is indisputably one of the world’s greatest game reserves.
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