Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Namibia: Swakopmund Lighthouse to be renovated | Ремонт маяка в Свакопмунде, Намибия


Historical Swakopmund Lighthouse renovations

11 m Swakopmund Lighthouse, located opposite of Municipal gardens, was opened in July 1902. It is 21 years older than Walvis Bay Lighthouse at Pelican Point. A further 10 m was added in 1910. The original beacon erected at The Mole was washed away by strong current. The Lighthouse is still in operation, guiding ships with its light seen as far as from 35 nautical miles. One of the most prominent Swakopmund's landmarks, now also houses a restaurant.

Namibian Port Authority's renovations of Swakopmund Lighthouse are about to begin. Subject to many complaints about its current state but also a prominent landmark of coastal resort town and one of the most recognized in Namibia, on many photos and postcards. The Lighthouse is located next to State House and Swakopmund town beach.

Renovation activities did start before December 2015 with the painting of the restaurant at the base of the tower but was interrupted by festive season at the Atlantic coast.

Namport received complaints from the restaurants surrounding Swakopmund Lighthouse saying the repainting work is negatively affecting their business.

There are only three lighthouses in Namibia: in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Luderitz.

Lighthouses still serve their purpose as a navigational aid to vessels at sea which approach Namibia's coastline. Namport is required by law to operate and maintain all lighthouses for the purposes of navigational safety.

The Swakopmund Lighthouse was last time renovated in 2012, while the maintenance of other components of the lighthouse occur on an ongoing basis throughout the year, and painting done once in three years.
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