Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ntwala Lodge: Zambezi Island package


Get up to 70% off the cost of your stay at Ntwala Island Lodge by purchasing an Ntwala ‘Zambezi Island’ Package.

Surrounded on all sides by seductively wild and powerful waterways, Ntwala Island Lodge is the most pristine and secluded Chobe destination. Intricate floating walkways link an untouched Namibian cluster of islands within the Mambova rapids, where two mighty African rivers – the Zambezi and Chobe converge, only 80km upstream from the Victoria Falls and where white sands and palm trees add to the romance - belying the fact that this lodge is in Africa!

Ntwala Island Lodge is selling  10 x 48 Bednight Packages for N$48 000.00 each.

Each of the 10 packages are selling at a value of N$48 000.00 (Forty Eight Thousand Namibian Dollars / Rands) for 48 bednights, meaning you purchasing each bednight for N$1000 per bednight (excluding the Bed Levy). The Bed Levy is a ‘consumption fee’ and is an additional amount to be paid at time of use. This enables you to purchase  the package at a once off rate whilst the Bed Levy or Consumption Fee increases over time at an amount comparable to the Namibia / South Africa inflation rate.

The rate of the ‘Bed Levy’ is currently N$990.00 per bednight as is valid until 31 May 2016. Thereafter the Bed Levy will fluctuate from season to season at current rate but in line with Namibia / South Africa inflation. Period of validity – each package expires once the last bednight has been consumed.