Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Botswana: Machaba Camp - the best new safari property news


Machaba Camp - Best New Safari Property in Botswana

The green season is well under way and the summer rains have turned the Okavango into a lush paradise, the wildlife thrives this time of year as they spread out over the once dry interior. The wildlife viewing has continued to be productive over this time with the predators such as wild dog and leopard making up for the smaller numbers of elephant and larger herd animals. The birding is at its peak with all the unique  migrant birds now resident in the Okavango for the summer.

Machaba Camp Botswana
We are very proud to announce we won the "Best New Safari Property in Botswana" for 2014 Safari Awards and in December won the Global Award for "Best Luxury Eco Safari Lodge" at the World Luxury Hotel Awards.
This year our focus as a conservation group is to continue offering incredible safari experiences to our guests through dedicated guiding, wildlife interpretation and giving our guests an appreciation of nature in its wildest truest form. Not forgetting our commitment to communities neighbouring these wild areas and of course our struggle to protect the Rhino.
Machaba Camp Botswana

We look forward to meeting new guests and old friends who travel to our wild corner of the earth this year and hope you all get some time to visit those special places you have been dreaming about.
Photos: Machaba Camp