Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Save The Rhino: launch of crowdfunding campaign by Wilderness Foundation Global


The Wilderness Foundation Global is launching a crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Kriticalmass in an effort to save the endangered white rhinos and continue the late Dr Ian Player’s legacy.

Through the power of Dr Player’s story and the immediate need to fight an epidemic that will see us lose the rhino by 2020, the Wilderness Foundation Global are looking to mobilise support of global companies, powerful political figures, celebrity conservationists and the general public to enforce action.

The challenges facing South Africa with regard to rhino poaching are well-documented with 1215 rhino having been poached in 2014 alone. The South African government, parastatals and non-government organisations are working on a number of fronts in an attempt to curb this critical situation. “As the poaching threat increases, anti-poaching efforts must be broadened and accelerated.

If poaching continues to escalate at its current rate, rhinos could become extinct in the wild in less than a decade. There are thousands of dedicated, passionate rangers in South Africa and other rhino range states, standing between the rhinos and the poachers – but they need our help” says Andrew Muir, CEO of the Wilderness Foundation Africa.

The goal of the campaign is to raise GBP30 000 in funding and in-kind donations to aid the services of aerial rangers in the Easter Cape, with a focus on helicopter and light aircraft patrols.