Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Namibia: The Himba Experience at Okahirongo photo gallery


Okahirongo operate in two very beautiful parts of the Kaokoveld, one being Puros, a small village town where many Himba people live and go to school.

The relationship between Okahirongo and the Himba tribes are very important to them and they are involved with many school projects to help better the way education is delivered to the Himba children in Puros.

Okahirongo is the only operator in this area and have an agreement to offer growth in the form of training staff in different departments of hospitality, and in so doing offering jobs to community members and assisting them to become more empowered.

Okahirongo encourage guests to learn about this interesting tribe during their stay with one of the activities on offer.

The Lodge not only offers financial contribution to the Himba Tribes but also also assist with water deliveries to further villages that are not easily accessible.

Make sure to enquire about The Himba experience when making your booking at Okahirongo.

Himba at Okahirongo, Namibia

Himba at Okahirongo, Namibia

Okahirongo, Namibia

Himba at Okahirongo, Namibia

Himba at Okahirongo, Namibia
Photos: Okahirongo