Friday, 19 December 2014

Air Zimbabwe news: PSC & AIDEF to be collected directly from passengers

The Passenger Service Charge (PSC) and the Aviation Infrastructure Development Fund (AIDEF) are payments due to the CAAZ (Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe) that are ordinarily collected by airlines on its behalf for future remittance. However, due to some policy changes, it has become necessary for CAAZ to collect the PSC and AIDEF charges directly from Air Zimbabwe passengers.

Therefore, take notice that all Air Zimbabwe tickets issued on or after 01 November 2014, for travel on or after 01 November 2014, will not include the PSC and AIDEF and the codes CB and XI will not appear on the ticket.

All passengers travelling on Air Zimbabwe are being advised that with effect from 10 November 2014, they will be required to pay for the PSC and AIDEF directly to the CAAZ at its receipting offices located at Harare, J.M. Nkomo, Victoria Falls, and Kariba airports.