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Botswana: Flamingo season in Sua Pan, Nata Bird Sanctuary | Ната Лодж Ботсвана


Flamingo season in Sua Pan, Nata Bird Sanctuary

An unpredictable phenomena, breeding flamingos in their hundreds and thousands yearly turn Sua Pan a deep pink. Sua Pan, located in the Nata Bird Sanctuary, is one of only three remaining prime breeding sites for flamingos in Africa where Lesser Flamingos breed on a regular basis. The other two are Lake Natron and Etosha Pan. Due to late rains this pink shimmering mass of flamingos are still at Sua Pan and can be seen from the elevated hide in the Nata Bird Sanctuary which provides a spectacular photographic vantage point and views over the vast pan.
During and after the rainy season (December to April) a tremendous variety and concentration of waterbirds migrate to the Nata River delta and its pans. These salt pans are sustained by seasonal rain, freshwater from the Nata River and the Boteti River, often replenished by the far-reaching floods of the Okavango Delta. The seasonal flooding of the pans creates an immense shallow wetland with an abundant food supply of algae and shrimp making it a prime breeding location for flamingos and pelicans. During times of above average rains the lake-like Sua Pan remains filled through the year making it the most important habitat for Southern Africa’s nomadic and migratory waterbirds. When breeding conditions are right (usually March to June, following the rains) both the Lesser and Greater Flamingo build mud cones and lay one egg. For about one month the parents incubate the egg until it hatches. After a week or so the young birds flock together and start foraging with their parents. Only ten weeks later are the young ready to fly and look after themselves.
Under One Botswana Sky's Nata Lodge is situated close to Botswana’s top birding hotspot, The Nata Bird Sanctuary which boasts about 165 bird species consisting of resident and migratory birds ranging from flamingos, pelicans, ducks, geese, storks, ostriches, kingfishers, eagles and spoon bills. Other noteable bird species recorded are avocet, blackwinged stilt, blacksmith lawping, blackneck grebe, bustards, carmine, bee-eaters, darters, korhaans, kori bustard and more.

Nata Lodge - facts

°    Located close to the entrance of Nata Bird Sanctuary, 10 km from Nata village
°    Rebuilt in September 2009 Nata Lodge is an oasis set among Mokolwane palms on the edge of the Makgadikgadi salt pans
°    Bird watchers paradise, pan drives in 4x4 game vehicles, Nata village tour
°    22 wooden thatched chalets on stilts, en-suite with bath & outdoor shower, air-conditioned, balcony
°    Includes 2 family chalets and 1 chalet adapted to provide easier access for disabled
°    10 luxury safari tents, en-suite bathrooms & outdoor showers
°    Restaurant, bar area, lunch terrace, swimming pool, curio shop, camp site

Nata Lodge Botswana

Nata Lodge Botswana

Nata Lodge Botswana

Nata Lodge Botswana
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