Thursday, 29 October 2015

News from Rhino Africa

Dear friends of Rhino

It is with a shared feeling of sadness and gratitude that we say farewell to a dear member of the Rhino family, Fazlin Floris. Having worked with Faz over the past 4 years, you will understand what a great loss this will be for us at Rhino. As Product Coordinator for Rhino Africa, Fazlin has been an integral part of our Product team, especially when it comes to engagement with you our valued partners. They say “a change is as good as a holiday” and as Faz departs, we wish her every success in the new challenge that awaits her career.

It’s not just her incredible knowledge and the integral role she has played in keeping us closely connected to our key partners that will be missed though. The office will be a little quieter without her vivacious laughter and high-spirited nature. We wish her all the best on her new journey and have enjoyed celebrating her significant contribution to Rhino Africa this week!

Faz will be extremely difficult to replace. So while we undertake the colossal task of filling Faz’s shoes, please would you refer any product queries you may have to myself in the interim. As our partners, knowing the shoes we are looking to fill, we would be most grateful as always for any referrals or recommendations you may be able to send our way.

I look forward to working with you all closer over the coming months and years and sharing Rhino’s vision to further enhance the wonderful partnerships Faz has been so instrumental in building over the past few years.

All the best