Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Namibia: Caprivi River Lodge update


Caprivi River Lodge is a small very exclusive home from home establishment, it is owned and operated by Keith and Mary Rooken-Smith who are very much hands on in the running of the lodge. Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River, Caprivi River Lodge invites you to enjoy a relaxing, body and soul experience. Just a few minutes from Katima Mulilo, Caprivi River Lodge will leave you in awe of the closeness it offers with nature.

What is new?
We are busy with renovations and improvements, you will note that we will have 2 x luxury chalets, 2 x semi-luxury chalets, only 4 x standard chalets as well as the en-suite cabin.  The cabins are being phased out and we now only have 1 in use, next year we will add another luxury chalet.  Our renovations and improvements are on-going and will continue until we have all luxury chalets, but this will take a number of years still.

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