Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Namibia: Geeka Byte Technologies online hotel management software


Geeka Byte Technologies offers an online hotel management software (My guests online) that might be of importance in your business. The following is an overview of My guests online.

Main features of My guests online
1.    It is online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. If you want it offline, we can also do that.
2.    Automatically generate and email quotations to prospective customers.
3.    Automatically determine bills payable when a customer checks-out and be able to email the statements on the click of a button.
4.    Manage accounts of credit clients.
5.    Manage rooms availability and reservation calendar.
6.    Manage services that you offer to customers and include these to a customer's booking statement.
7.    Stock management of food and services offered to customers - and financial statements from these.
8.    Management of stuff and stuff duty roasters.
9.    Manage cashier/waiter activities and day-end balances.
10.    Reservation for My guests online can be linked via your website as a self-service feature for customers.
11.    We can link My guests online with any other software/site you use for advertising etc to automate your activities.

Why is it smart to go the My guests online way?
1.    My guests online is accurate, flexible and simple to use, even to a computer novice.
2.    It automates every operation that could take time to accomplish.
3.    It  can be designed the way you want.
4.    It is secure and runs 24/7.
5.    Support is around the corner, we offer support and assistance around the clock. We offer the best service.
6.    It is updated every month to follow the current business trend in both Technology and Hospitality industries.
7.    Many hotels and guest houses in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe trust My guests online
8.    It is Namibian -  its better to Buy Namibia.
9.    You can choose to work offline if your internet connection is not reliable.

What if you want extra features that we don't currently have?

We are a Namibian company, based in Namibia. This means we can easily come to your office and have a coffee while we discuss your requirements. We can customize My guests online to meet your specific needs. Our aim is not to make you work with what's there but to make My guests online work with what's in your set-up. We can help you manage your the business the way you want.

Security concerns?

My guests online is hosted in a secure environment and your information is perfectly secure.

What if you have more than one branches?

If you have more than one branches across Namibia- or any other country, we can make you manage all these branches from one center.

Important information you can get from My guests online

You can draw the following reports (and more) from My guests online:
1.    Daily profit and loss statements.
2.    Daily cash-flow statements.
3.    Daily receipts and payments statements.
4.    Daily reservation standings.
5.    Daily booking and room occupation standings.
6.    Client balances and debt aging analysis.
7.    Daily consumption of food and demand for services.
8.    Performance comparison over time, with an overall revelation on whether or not your business is improving.
9.    All the above reports can be drawn per month or any date range.
10.    Keep track of your customers and send them promotional information automatically from My guests online.
11.    You can set-up an email address that will receive an email notification every morning at 8.00am containing information in the the above mentioned reports, for the previous day. This means you can know how business is going without being physically there.

What is the cost?

My guests online is an affordable package that caters for guest houses and hotels of all sizes. We have monthly subscription schemes from as low as N$300.00 per month. We have a package for every business size!

How to does it all work?
1.    Reply to this advert.
2.    We will then book a day with you to show you how My guests online works - If you are in Windhoek we can come to your offices. Otherwise we can arrange other plans.
3.    Everything else will follow our on-site discussion.
4.    The site is hosted on the site, register or a free trail and experience the innovation.